Senior Dog Peeing

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Barked: Thu Feb 23, '12 4:40pm PST 
If the urination happens while she is sleeping, her muscles have become slack and Proin may help.
If you haven't already done so, you may want to have a urinalysis run on her just to rule out any chance that there may be an infection adding to her incontinence.
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Barked: Thu Feb 23, '12 11:46pm PST 
It sounds like Ginger could benefit from a visit to the vet. An infection or crystals in the urine can lead to leaking. Perhaps a change in diet or medication could help.

When Wylie was just shy of 15, she began to leak when she slept. My stars but she was mortified. The Proin helped a great deal. After she became ill(about 3 months before she died) we tried diapers which helped some, but the dog really hated them.

Wylie understood what the pee pads were for and would move them with her when she moved to follow a puddle of sunlight to optimize her napping experience. She would very carefully lie down so that every portion of her body was on the pad . . . except her rear end. So near and yet so far. LOL.

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Barked: Thu Mar 1, '12 12:05pm PST 
Personally, for me, Proin is the Devil. I hate it. My two dogs have never been the same since I let my vet talk me into using it.

After I took them off of it I had very good luck with Homeopet Leaks No More. It does take some tweaking though. If you try it be sure to read up on it on their website. There is a point where you may need to reduce dosage or eliminate it altogether or symptoms will return. Didn't know that at first.

The thing that has helped the most though is home cooked low glycemic diet, but I know that is not for everyone so I'm not trying to push it at you. If you are looking for a natural aid though, the lnm works and is easy to administer. I always just put it on top of their breakfast and dinner. If I had to give a third dose I dripped it on however many corresponding kibbles were needed and they thought they were getting bonus treats.


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Barked: Thu Mar 1, '12 12:29pm PST 
As far as leak spots go, I tried the pee pads and the diapers. Still ended up with wet spots on the carpet. What works for us is to have two washable beds or thick pads for them to lie on, then put down a folded shower curtain under the bed. You can also find totally waterproof door mats that work well under the bed and don't shift.
When one bed gets wet, replace with a clean one and so on. With two dogs I needed more than two extra beds so I made some out of comforters from the salvation army store. Very easy to load into the washer. I've seen where some people just buy old sleeping bags at SA and just fold them for their dog to lie down on. The trick is putting down a waterproof barrier that won't shift under the bedding.

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Barked: Thu Mar 1, '12 6:58pm PST 
My moms dog Oreo Cookie is 14yrs and she now has difficulty hold her potty, We let her out when she goes to the door, at night she sleeps in her bed with puppy pads around her.. She has learned to use them during the night. Even if we let her out before she goes to bed she still had to use the restroom in the middle of the night. We tried the diapers but she learned how to get them off so they didn't work. We asked our vet if there was anything that we could try and he said you just have to keep her on a schedule so that she uses the restroom outside during the day and not in the house.. We also don't leave the water bowl down anymore because if we let her she would just keep drinking the water all the time. the vet said let her drink from it and then when she walks away take the bowl up and then the next time she goes over to get a drink put it down so she can get a drink. This has helped with how much she has to pee during the day. She still has some accidents in the house but not as much as she use to.

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Barked: Thu Mar 1, '12 9:28pm PST 
Do diapers cause any irritation on the dogs?

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Barked: Wed May 16, '12 9:52am PST 
Hi, I am using and have used Proin (polypropanlamine aka PPA) with 2 of my incontinent dogs. Both were females who, as seniors, started leaking urine usually only when asleep. They were not choosing to pee indoors it would just drip out. Diapers worked okay on one dog although they sometimes come off at night. But my other dog was shaped in such a way that they would not stay on. So I tried the PPA and have had success without side effects. One dog was prescribed to take 2 tabs a day and this gave her loose stools so I
switched to one per day which worked. I'm very happy with it. Good Luck.

Barked: Wed May 16, '12 11:16am PST 
I'm sorry, maybe I'm missing something here. I don't understand why everyone is suggesting pee pads, diapers and drugs when the problem is simply that if the dog isn't let out before bed she'll have an accident. That's most every dog no matter what age.

Simply remember she needs to be let out, then let her out.

Problem solved shrug

This isn't incontinence or infection folks. Nor does it warrant a vet visit. If you forget to let your dog out during the day or before bed they're going to have an accident, any age, any breed. If she WERE holding it forever if forgotten about then I'd be pushing investigation. But what she's doing is 100% normal and should be expected under the described circumstances:

"She has to be let out before bed at night or she will pee on the floor. We have been pretty good about letting her out right before bed but last night **we forgot** and low and behold she peed. I know management is a big thing here we have to let her out right before bed but is there anything else I can do or something preferably natural that I can give her. It's just sometimes being human you forget sometimes"

Management is the only thing. Giving a dog something natural or not isn't a substitute for remembering to let them out to go to the bathroom.

Maybe set an alarm so you remember more consistently OP?

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Barked: Wed May 16, '12 6:04pm PST 
My Pepper Pooh at 13 began peeing at night...she was mortified in the morning. We ALWAYS took her out just before bedtime. Our vet told us this is pretty common in spayed females. The vet put her on a hormone med....problem CURED in our case.

Might be worth asking your vet about.

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Barked: Thu May 17, '12 1:26pm PST 
I agree, Trigger, but irrelevant - it's a zombie thread!!
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