Canine cognitive dysfunction (doggie dementia)

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Barked: Sun Jun 12, '11 7:17pm PST 
Hi, everypup,

Mommy thinks I may be going senile. I seem to lose track of where mommy is/forget how to go looking for her. I've always been vocal, but lately I've been barking for no apparent reason (unless it's to announce that I'm on the wrong side of the door or that I'm having trouble with the stairs and need my harness).

The symptoms are fairly mild, but she wants to be as prepared as possible to help as much as possible.

Does anypup have experience/suggestions?
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Barked: Mon Jun 13, '11 7:25pm PST 
wave hughugAikihughug
Confusion stinks and Aging isn't for Sissys they say.wink

Not exp here other than Moms dog growing up suffered a bit from it. It was just a sign of aging back then & 12 or 13 was considered very OLD.confused

Dogster Duncan posted this here in Senior Form about it. You might find it helpful sweetie.way to go Lots of Paw,Hang in there,forgetfulness happens at times.kissing


http://www.dogster .com/forums/Senior_Dogs/thread/703176
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Barked: Fri Jun 17, '11 6:59am PST 
Thank you for posting the link to Duncan's thread. I had not thought about Samwise's brother Lancelot's pooping in the house as being part of a loss of nerve sensation due to arthritis in his spine. I think he has that. I'm taking him to the vet soon.
He often forgets to eat and sometimes stands around like he's not sure where to go or what to do. Makes me sad. cry

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Barked: Fri Jun 17, '11 7:16am PST 
thank you
i just posted a thread about misty today about this issue
gonna check the link right awayway to go
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Barked: Fri Jun 17, '11 9:10am PST 
if i click the link,it brings me to another forum thread with the same topic.
and i know there are meds for it,but she is turning 13 in november and i do understand that she is getting old and that that dreadfull day will come that we must say goodbey to eichother,sooner or later.
so all i know now,that misty isn't alone with this confusion behavior.
i think than i must look on the net myself,because i don't have much help from my vet either about this.
he says it's normal for old dogs to get confused behavior.
but what i want to know...
how bad can that behavoir get?
and can it get so bad that it means i must put her to sleep?
i don't even want to think about thatfrown

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