Food Aggression in older dogs

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Barked: Wed May 11, '11 12:41pm PST 
My 11yr old Basset Hound(Dudley) has suddenly become food aggressive, not towards my husband or myself, but with my 3yr old Basset(Buford). The other night he attacked Buford just because of a fast food bag. He guards the dogfood everynight and if there are treats he snaps at his & Buford's. He has also become a little snappy at us for unknown reasons.
We rescued him 2 years ago so we don't know his history but this is the first indication of any aggression. Is this a "Normal" thing as dogs get older? I am the Alpha in the pack and he does listen to me more than my husband but this attacking the other dog is worrysome.

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Barked: Wed May 11, '11 3:53pm PST 
Has he been checked out at the vet? There could be a medical reason for his behavior. I would rule that out first way to go

Barked: Thu May 12, '11 4:54am PST 
He is going today. That's the first thing I thought of.


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Barked: Fri May 13, '11 7:56pm PST 
Hi Dudley. His history, good or bad, does not matter. He has a good home and is fed regularly, so there is no excuse for aggressive behavior to his house-mate.

We had a bit of unpleasantness between Snickers and Sonny 3 weeks ago. Snickers is 8, anxious, bossy, and has no idea how to play. Sonny is a happy go lucky goof. Bad combo! Snickers has been telling Sonny what to do for a year. I had only corrected him if he got too ugly.

Well of course while I was out, the dogs got out of hand. Snick jumped Sonny, Sonny whupped his butt. Snick spent 2 days in the Vet hospital. Not good.

Things were tense for a week. All of us have made a point to be VERY strict with all the dogs. We are in charge of EVERYTHING. They will not bully, posture, etc. Rule breakers are removed from the fun.

At the 3 week mark the behaviorist was pleased to see the boys are very relaxed with each other.

It does require that the humans step up and protect each dogs food dish/meal time. The food bag should not be where it becomes a source of friction. Make it disappear, or insist no dogs may approach it. Just a quiet "uh-uh" and herd the dog away. If you get resistance, then you know how much the food must be out of reach/sight.

Separate them in different rooms for meals.
Good luck, keep us posted on their progress.