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Barked: Sat Apr 30, '11 1:39am PST 
I'm going to California this summer to visit relatives and want to know if it would be wise to bring a few of my dogs along. I am going by airplane, so they will have to be loaded as cargo. But, the dogs I am taking are 7 and 8 years old. Would this be too hard for them? I really want to take a few of my dogs, as I would miss them like crazy!
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Barked: Sat Apr 30, '11 5:28am PST 
Is your visit 6 months or more?

HI has very strict quarantine laws that would have to be met to get your pets back into HI.

So unless this visit is very long, or you can leave your dogs in CA when you go back home until the requirements can be reached (or you want to leave them in quarantine in HI), I would leave them at home.

Nothing to do with age.

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Also, some airline will no longer fly pets in the hot months, as temperatures can not be controlled. Check with your airline to see what their policies are. I know you will miss them, but try to do what is best for the dogs.smile
I am going to Mexico this winter & I'm already stressing oer my guys, so I hear ya!


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The quarantine system is better than it use to be, but I doubt you want to have to do that just for a smallish trip. If there is a different rule about Hawaiian dogs going back into Hawaii that's different then I don't know about it.

Also, in terms of plane rides.... it's pretty stressful for most dogs, and both climates, in the summer, are HOT. I'd be pretty concerned about my dogs coming WITH me. Especially if you have a good care option at home.

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As much as you would love to take them with you, it is hard on them being cooped up in a crate and not knowing what is happening. I did it once and never again. I have a big dog and she did not do well at all. She was sick when we got her from the plane and so nervous. We now leave them with a dog sitter at the house or she goes to another Greyhound friends house as we dog sit for them.

The vet can give you some calming medicine for them. I wish you the best whatever you do.