Senior Food?

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Barked: Tue Mar 8, '11 4:11am PST 
Thanks for all the info. I was totally unaware of Senior diets being less quality and all the ins and outs of the diets.

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Barked: Tue Mar 8, '11 4:24am PST 
Vance and Max, we have the same problem with Feather, and now to some degree, Remy. Whole hunks of RMB's are not digested well at all. I was reluctant to believe I had to change anything at first, because I was always told and always read that Raw diet does not change for seniors. But, it's true, I now either buy ground raw from BRAVO or grind my own chickens. Bones are not digested well, or as exciting as they used to be and I think not absorbed, interesting you find the same.....
Vance CGC

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Barked: Tue Mar 8, '11 5:49am PST 
I always hear that raw diets don't change for seniors. I guess I figure the basic 80/10/10 doesn't change, but I think maybe the form it's fed in should, depending on the dog. I'm also starting to believe that a bit of fiber may be a good thing for seniors. Nothing excessive, just enough to add some padding.

Then there are individual changes, depending on a dog's overall health. Vance is actually eating about 50% fiber because routine bloodwork showed elevated liver enzymes and there is no known cause. Believe me, I have the receipts to prove it! It's an insane amount of plant matter for a carnivore and that bothers me all the time, but physically, Vance is not a normal dog.

Vance has had serious digestive issues his entire life, so everything I've had to do with him is to an extreme. He's only 9, but he gets literally no whole food items. I've also started cooking everything he eats since he had what I believe was Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis... He went to the E-vet and they couldn't take blood until it was too late to tell.


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Barked: Thu Mar 10, '11 9:39am PST 
my vet has told me that unless a senior dog or cat has kidney issues its fine to keep them on adult dog food. Most senior foods are a marketing gimmick.

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Barked: Thu Mar 10, '11 11:18am PST 
Wellness Core Reduced Fat has 1.3% phosphorus. Max would get about 200 grams of this food a day and 2.6 grams of phosphorus is about 300% of his needs. Wellness Senior with 18% protein has .75% phosphorus and Max would get 1.5 grams of phosphorus which is about 175% his needs or so. Not liking that low low protein though!

OTOH Orijen Senior has about the same amount of phosphorus as WCRF but is more nutrient dense. Max would only need about 150 grams of it to get his 600 calories a day. If it contains 1.3% phosphorus he would get 1.3+.65=1.95 grams of phosphorus which is just about 220% his requirement.

Make a kibble from meat meals and loads of bone goes in as well with all that phosphorus. Compare to the dehydrated, frozen and canned foods on the list below. Less meat meals in those foods.

If you want to try a lower phosphorus kibble look through this list.

If Max was put on kibble I would want to get as close to his actual needs, about 850 mg phosphorus per day as I could, that comes to about 140 mg per 100 calories of food as he seems to need about 600 calories a day right now.
First Mate looked best back when I first saw this list. Sassy was NOT upset that none would work for her as she did like me cooking for her!
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Barked: Thu Mar 10, '11 1:59pm PST 
We fed several kibbles from that list--I read the article and she liked none of them, except innova senior and then she started not being crazy about that. Interstingly her kidney values have improved on wellness core low fat,I thought it had less phosphorus then regular wellness, but I may be wrong.

I might try one of hte foods on the list again. She is a picky girl. She didnt like the kidney diet I cooked for her either

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Barked: Sat Mar 12, '11 3:08pm PST 
Beulah eats Wellness Core Reduced Fat (separated into Portion Packs by SmartPak Canine)
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