To Neuter Male Saint Bernard or Not?

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Barked: Wed Apr 24, '13 7:55pm PST 
I am picking up our new male Saint Bernard puppy this weekend. I have a neutered male Bernese Mountain Dog, but in this breeder may want to use him for breeding later on and I am getting a full AKC Registration. I have never raised an un-neutered pet.
I have read pros and cons of both and have come to think it may just vary from dog to dog.
Are there any Saint owners out there who have intact males? If so, is there a difference in behavior and aggression? It seems like all Vets say if the dog is going to be a pet, neuter it.... confused

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Barked: Thu Apr 25, '13 8:56am PST 
My boy is an intact 18 month old who shows no "typical" intact behavior. He doesn't mark inside the house. He isn't aggressive towards other intact males. He doesn't hump.....anything. He is just a sweet normal puppy.
Only thing he's doing is that he's being a big 'ol bully to puppies. I've been told that neutering him won't fix the bullying. It's just his teenage ways and he'll grow out of it. I'm also being told that neutering him will help calm down the bullying. I have no idea which way to turn to make the bullying go away.

I am going to neuter him because I don't want to deal with altered dogs taking issue with my intact male. We've run into a few situations where the owners of neutered dogs have to hold back their barking, lunging dogs as Moose and I pass. Only because Moose is intact.
I'm hoping to wait until Moose is 2 yrs old to neuter him.

But, all dogs/ breeding situations are different.

What does your breeder contract say? Have you talked to the breeder about their intact males?

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Thank you so much for your insights. I am going to talk to her Saturday morning and her intact males are on site. I am going to see what I can find out from her. I guess I'm just nervous never having been around intact males or females. I want to give him the best opportunity to be a happy, healthy dog!