Need help getting my 1 yr old St to sleep thu the night!

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Hi All!! I am new to this! My 1 yr old St gets ups up almost EVERY night. Most of the time it is to go out to go potty. But, lately he wants water. I know St's drink a lot, but at 1am?!? Last night, he went out drank water, wandered the backyard, and would not come back in when I called him over and over. Trying to come up with a solution! Need help!

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Hi there! We have a Saint just over a year old who did the same thing to us recently. He's always been good sleeping through the night, save for when he was still a puppy, but suddenly he started crying and whining to go out. We crate trained him, and when he grew out of his crate, we moved him into a den, which is just a short hallway with plenty of room, so we thought. The crying continued for well over a week, with us trying everything we could think of, until it finally hit us...give him more space.

The short hallway is attached to our kitchen, which is where his food and water are, so we made sure everything was put away and blocked him in the kitchen. Sure enough he slept through the night, and ironically enough, we found him in the short hallway the following morning. He's been fine ever since, with the exception of over Christmas when we went to my in-laws. We gave him the space he had had during our last visit, and he freaked out until we opened it up to him more, then he was fine.

Basically what that big long thing was saying is, is it possible for you to give your Saint more space? If that doesn't work, maybe make a quick call to your vet and see if they can give you some ideas.

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Thanks for the feedback! I actually set him up in our mudroom which is about 6'x12'with a dog bed and blankets. It seems to be working! It's cooler in there than the rest of the house. He usually likes to take up the entire living room 5'x8' rug. But, it's right infront of the heat vent. I think that was making him too hot and thirsty. It's been 2 nights and so far so good.


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Valium Blow Darts.

ok ok ok
As with a child, set up a routine your puppy can expect and follow. Saints are SMART dogs. They will settle into a nice routine that you master for them.

I've noticed my dog is acting like a 160lb. cat.
"I want to go out."
"I want to come in."
"I want to go out."
"I want to come in." repeat

He is and adult and trained. I think he's just bored. I try to play with him a little bit more and that helps. Make your puppy comfortable and keep him stimulated. Might help.

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