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Hi guys!
We just adopted a puppy, she was found under a deck with her brother and sister. They said she was part lab, but didn't know the other half. She has the exact markings of a st. Bernard and the same fur. We have both had dogs our whole lives but not sure what we got ourselves into. She's super playful and loves our pug we have now, but just not sure if she really is a st Bernard mix. Any suggestions?

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First thing to remember, is that saints come in both a smooth coat (aka short hair) and rough coat (long hair). They also have a characteristic skull structure similar to a mastiffe with a prominent forehead, a very square look. In their adolescence, they will look slightly like a calf with their back legs longer than their front, then grow into them. To be a true saint, their coloring will only be 2 colors, generally red and white or dark red/brown and white,(with the exception of the facial mask as black). They are a very sweet loving breed that love water and snow. My saints are very prone to ear infection from frequent swims in our ponds on our property. Their feet are very large and designed for life in snow. I really hope this helps, and if you do have a saint, love that baby with all your heart and they will be the most loyal creature you have ever come across smile

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Post a pic.