saint puppy and food questions! :)

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Barked: Tue May 22, '12 1:58pm PST 
I brought a 10 week old saint Bernard puppy home last night and have some concerns for my new little cutie smile

First and foremost, I can't decide if I should put him on Wolf Cub, or Wolf King. I heard amazing things about both for peoples saint Bernard pups, but I also heard that you shouldn't use large breed puppy food (specially if it is over 25% protein - which wolf pup is) because it makes them grow too fast and can cause problems. So should I go with Wolf King? Any suggestions?

I got him as a friend for my 1.5 year old dog who is WAY EXITED to have a puppy friend and wants to do nothing but cuddle and play with puppy, but whenever my dog is around my puppy curls up in a corner and tries to stay away from him... What can I do to help the new saint Bernard puppy like my dog?

Another thing is that ever since I brought him home yesterday he has been panting extremely heavily nonstop... Should I be concerned about that? He has been drinking water and eating and peeing and pooping, but constantly pants heavily.

Also, the breeder had kept all the puppies outside their entire life, and now when I let him outside to potty he wont come in. He sits at the door way and whines.
It seems like he doesn't like being inside. How to I break that?

Any advice?