10yr old rottie with large mass behind stomach

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Blood results were perfect-she is completly healthy besides mass. The vets don't know anything about it. Xray showed it. Getting ultra sound ties but I have a feeling they will say to operate b/c they wont have any good info from ultra sound. Would you put her through surgery??
10 years old. 11 in June. She pukes sometimes during eating but not everyday. Should I leave mass alone? Can they asperate it(stick needle through her and suck cells out of it)
so torn right now
any opinions or stories are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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just curious if you did get a response from anyone about this? my friend has a 14 year old Rott who's peeing blood, weak, does not go up and down on the stairs on her own for a while now(she has to be carried) and sleeps a lot. She's recently unemployed so money is an issue...took her to a vet who did an xray for no charge and said she has a large mass and it's presssing up on her colon. they did not do any blood test. They sent her home with a pain med and anitbiotic. the rott is doing ok, stable for now. but i have a feeling the dog will not last very long and she's in denial. what did you find out about your dog??

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I lost my first Rottie to CA. He was almost 3 weeks shy of his 10th birthday when he died. From the time he was diagnosed with cancer till the day he died, about 8 months, he was happy and really LIVED life. He had pain meds when he needed it, but that was all. His BAD time, at the end, lasted about 8-12 hours till we could get him to the vet to ease him out of this life.
The path you choose to take with your dog is entirely up to you. Good luck to you!