Am I a Rotti?

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Barked: Thu Jan 5, '12 6:01pm PST 
This girl showed up on our doorstep on July 4th and we fell in love. I have been taking things very easy with her because by the way she acts I think she was previously abused. She has come into our home and lets me pick her up and give her a bath, but I have not taken her to he vet yet because every time I open the car door she runs away.
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Barked: Thu Jan 5, '12 9:31pm PST 
She looks like she could be mixed with rotti and lab. She is very pretty.. She will start to trust you and one day she will be able to do what you want her to. You are so nice to take her in and take care of her.cheer

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Barked: Fri Feb 3, '12 9:06pm PST 
She looks an awful lot like my purebred female Rottie...and she looks like a keeper. I agree with the other poster. You are very special for taking this lovely dog in. And she will gain trust in you with time. Good luck and god bless.