What am I?

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Lil' Monster
Barked: Tue Nov 30, '10 8:53pm PST 
I was adopted in June from AWSOM. They told me I was a Rottie/Lab mix, but my parents disagree. Mom was doing some research on my personality and thinks I am mixed with a B&T Coonhound. Dad thought AWSOM was right, because I have webbed paws and I have an energetic personality, but saw a picture of a friend's Rottie/Hound mix, and says it looks just like me! I'm a little ... okay really mischievous, and my parents are looking into obedience training for me. They think by knowing what kind of dog I'm mixed with will help. I, on the other hand, will continue eating mom's slippers smileANYWAYS, my parents would really appreciate any insight into what I may be mixed with!