Looking for a Rottie Breeder from Iowa

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Barked: Wed Jul 28, '10 12:06pm PST 
A friend of mine has a fabulous 2 year old Rottie that has earned his CGC. She has done carting, lure coursing (for fun), agility and obedience with him and is hoping to find herding lessons.
She got him from a rescue and is trying to track down his breeder to get him registered so she can compete with him. If she can't find him/her she will register him ILP.
The rescue gave her paperwork from when he was 6 weeks old and was taken to a vet for his puppy shots. Our best guess is that this is his breeder. The name on the vet paperwork is Michele Thomas. She also has later paperwork from when he was ten months old and turned over to rescue from a different owner. That is why we are guessing Michele Thomas must be the breeder.

Has anyone heard of her? We are not having any luck googling her.