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OMG!! person- must pet me!!
Barked: Sat May 1, '10 6:56am PST 
I know I don't own a rottie, but I was wondering if you would do me a big favor.

I am doing a research project on BSL for English (paper and presentation) and for the presentation, I wanted a few slides just filled with happy pit bulls, GSDs, rotties, dobies, and any dog possibly under discrimination. pictures with children are great, but any picture showing a smile or an activity you do with your dog would be great. so if you don't mind a bunch of people looking at a your babies, I would appreciate any help you would like to give. I will probably be using most of the pictures you want to post, so don't hold back. I do need the pictures by may 4, because it is presented on the 5 (I have everything else ready, just need the pictures!)

so, sorry for the rambling, and I hope you will be willing to let me use your pictures!! thanks in advance!