Coonhound Mixed Breeds - what are common?

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Barked: Wed Jan 5, '11 11:00am PST 
Back in October, we adopted Dozer. He's now 16 months old, tracks everything on walks, and looks exactly like a Redbone Coonhound, except for his ears. They are huge, upright Corgi ears. And the fur on his chest is starting to get fluffy.

Is it common, or at least not completely unheard of, to have a Corgi/Coonhound mix?

Barked: Wed Jan 19, '11 11:55am PST 
I saw a coonhound/rat terrier mix. They looked like mini coonhounds. The story with that was; my friends wifes rat terrier queenie went into heat and of all the coonhounds she could have backed up to that were more reachable. She picked the grand champion in the seperate kennel. He nailed her through a wire fence. LOL