Been on raw for 5 months, still confused.

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Hi everyone, my name is Remy im new to dogster and i have some questions about raw food.

I have a 7 month old goldendoodle and i have fed her commercial raw for 5 months (ever since i got her).

Im really confused about allergies and poop...

Luna (my goldendoodle) has had ear build up of wax and yeast for a long time now. I tried an elimination diet and only fed lamb for a month, still had a lot of build up. no other symptoms so im wondering if it is in fact an allergic reaction or if its just bcz she has floppy ears and were always down by the beach and she is always getting wet. any advice or experience?

I am now varying her food and for the last 4 days i have been feeding her 1lb lamb neck in the morning and a lamb and tripe patty in the evening (by carnivora) and she has been having mucusy poop, not on every poop, but for some of them. also there was a big yellow poop and i havent been feeding her any chicken. there is no blood in the mucus, and this morning after a lamb neck she had really runny wet poop. Im thinking not enough bone, any other ideas?

also supplementation? does anyone add in things like fish oil, multi vit, msm, joint formulations, greens or veg, or diatomaceous earth?

and lastly, pet insurance... I don't have it and im trying to put money away, but i need advice. Im a student and dont have lots of money but at the same time i want to do whats best for my pup!

This week Lunas menu is 1lb of turkey necks in the AM and 1 lb worth of bison patties from carnivora in the PM. Also a Multi Vit in the morning (which im not a fan of)

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While Luna is too young to eat only one meal a day that is what finally made Max's poops consistent. Maybe you could feed a little bone at both meals some days?

She is half grown, perhaps she doesn't need quite so much food now. An adult 50 pound dog only needs 1 pound of food a day if there are no veggies going into him/her. I'd try feeding 1/4-1/2 pound less for a couple days to see if her poop improves. Remember it is better to grow a pup slow and steady, plump pups are cute but the extra weight and faster growth can backfire later in life.

My experience is when I stopped giving Max sardines his ears improved that very day. When he got into wheat or rice it took a couple days for his eyes to clear up. Your pup may have a lot of hair inside the ears, Max has long floppy ears but no extra hair. Perhaps lamb is not agreeing with her, try a different protein. And if this lamb is a grind with all sorts of other things it could be one of the vegetables is causing a problem. Just because proteins are common allergies doesn't mean other foods cannot be allergens! *I* am allergic to avocados, all melons and all nuts but not to any meat for instance.

Max and Ginger get meat, bone and organ with cooked egg, meat and cheese for treats. Ginger adores all veggies [not raw basil though] and gets bits if she is a good girl. Max detests veggies and fruits so when I offer bits to the dogs Ginger ends up with his.

I give fish oil, vitamin E and a couple of minerals to balance the diet. Wish there was an all in one food or supplement but so far I am stuck grinding and mixing daily to get it all into the dogs.

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awesome thanks for the advice. Luna has had the runs all day and im wondering if thats from the fatty lamb meat but im going to feed her some pumpkin and see if that clears it up!

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Try skipping a meal first. Her gut is in overdrive and letting it rest can help it calm down. I have always had good results with pumpkin though. Good stuff and dogs usually like it.

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Max is basically the best owner to talk to here for raw, but here's my quick two cents. I give fish oil, extra because Sasha has terrrible coat/skin genetics; DE, which has worked 100% for any fleas and also as a wormer when my pup picked them up; and joint, I have a green lipped mussel powder I give them, and myself because it smells AMAZING laugh out loud Mussels are supposed to be one of the highest natural sources of glucosamine and msm. The little dog gets a chicken foot as one of her regular bony meals, and the big dogs get them as treats here and there. And good luck with the pumpkin! I swear by the stuff but my guys stopped liking it canned. I'm prefering the dehydrated bag made for dogs now.

Oh and random, I noticed my guy's poop was a little different color than I would have expected for lamb. (He gets lamb breast occasionally) He doesn't have allergies or a reaction to it, just kinda different looking. Maybe it's a lamb thing? shrug
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