Starting mini schnauzer on raw

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I just started my 14lb mini schnauzer on raw. I am able to get chicken backs and necks, as well as ground beef with bone, all grass-fed. I understand I should be feeding her about 10% of her body weight. She is 1.5 years old - should I be feeding this in one meal or break it up into two? I have fed her Canidae grain free twice a day up until now. I plan to use that as a back up when she can't get raw.

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You can split the food into as many meals as you like but it is 2% of the ideal adult weight of the dog for starters, not 10%. 10% is the amount you feed a tiny pup and that is the actual weight of the pup that week so you have to keep changing it. This is all just a starting point. If the dog or pup gets chunky you feed less and if he/she gets skinny feed more same as any other diet.

What about organ? Part of the food must be 1/2 liver and 1/2 other organs such as kidney, pancreas, spleen, brain. Max conveniently eats 10 ounces a day. 1 ounce is bone encased in meat, 1/2 ounce is beef/chicken/pork liver and 1/2 ounce is beef/pork kidney, he gets boneless meat to make up the rest of his 10 ounces a day.

Really bony chicken is fine, I use a lot of it too. After your dog is used to plain bony chicken slowly move to feeding half bony chicken and half boneless pork/beef/lamb/venison so the dog isn't getting too much bone.

Your beef+bone grind sounds very nice but do ask the butcher how much bone is ground in. Ideally it would be only 10% bone, that would be about 14 ounces of meat to 2 ounces of bone. If it is more then add boneless meat to reduce the amount of bone fed.