Loose poops on a young puppy switched to raw

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We've got a 10-wk old puppy, expected adult weight maybe 50lb. We've had him 12 days. When he first came home we had a rocky first few days as he had impressive diarrhea, was already quite thin, and didn't have much appetite -- though he did eat some. A combination of travel stress, new diet, just having had multiple-vaccinations, etc. I was concerned enough give him to give him whatever he would eat, which was mostly cooked chicken breast (no bone) and pumpkin to tighten up the stool a bit.

Anyway, now we're doing much better. For the past week he's been eating bone in-chicken breast like a champ, roughly 1lb/day over 3-4 feedings (I just hand him the thing and let him eat as much as he wants at a sitting). The first few days he mostly just ate the meat off the bone, but the last five days or so he's been taking it all down with happy crunching noises. He also gets some chopped hotdog as training treats. I've been mostly leaving the skin on the chicken. He's growing like a weed and seems quite happy.

I was waiting for his poops to stabilize and be solid before I added some organ meat and beef, but that hasn't really happened yet. No diarrhea, but his stool tends to be a mix of some soft but formed logs and some kinda puddly stuff.

It's been five days on the bone-in breasts. Should I add something with more bone content? Wait longer? Cut out the hotdog treats (what else to use, then)? Is it nutritionally safe to keep feeding just the chicken for a while longer?

Thanks for your advice!

Aside: He's been dewormed on the proper schedule and was negative for the common fecals at a vet check right before coming home.

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It occurs to me that between the chicken (its from my butcher, but who knows what kind of enhancement happened to it at the processor) and the hotdog treats (he's been getting the equivalent of a bit less than hotdog per day, apparently a whopping 500mg sodium -- yuck) he's likely getting way too much salt, possibly approaching toxicity levels. so this might be a cause. can sodium cause digestive upset in dogs?

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Ginger is getting cooked chicken breast for treats and is now on bony chicken+boneless lean beef for her meals. Works great, not greasy and easy to shred into tiny treats. I count it as part of her diet. 0.7 ounce of boiled meat=1 ounce of raw meat.

Try bonier stuff, feeding less, pulling some of the skin off or feeding the same amount of food in more meals per day to ease the gut's adjustment to the new diet.

A 50 pound adult dog would probably eat 1-1.5 pounds of meat/bone/organ a day. Since your pup is having trouble try just a pound a day to see if that helps.

I suspect weighing out a pound of bone in chicken breast and cutting some of the meat off to cook for treats would work here. Doubt those hot dog treats are helping the transition much. If you are feeding 3x a day then cut the chicken into 4 bits if that doesn't help. Be sure all the bits have a little bone in them.

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Thanks for the response!

I haven't been portioning it out for him -- I just give him a big piece 3-4 times a day and let him eat as much as he wants, especially since he started out a bit thin. When he's full I take it away. I was guessing it at around a pound a day, but over the course of today he ate 3/4 of a bone-in breast and nearly an entire smallish chicken quarter (defrosted the wrong container of chicken, but he took it down like he'd been doing it forever!), which together are probably closer to 1.5lb. At this point I'm quite pleased with the way he's eating.

I switched to cooked diced breast meat for treats over the last few days since it's what I had around, and his last couple of poops have been much closer to normal. Can't say it was the hotdog causing them, but certainly looks a likely culprit...

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U could use Stella and chewys premade raw freeze dried patties as treats if u break them up or they also make treats as well. Sandy loves them.

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Just an update in case anybody else has similar questions: He's 13 weeks old now and growing like a weed, and hasn't had a loose stool since we cut out the hotdogs. He's filled out quite a bit, at a good weight for his size now. Still fed all raw, mostly chicken quarters and pork ribs since that is what we've been able to come up with cheap. I just give him a huge piece at each sitting and let him eat as much as he wants and take it away when he stops, no measuring. It works out to an avg of 1.5lb of meat/day. He sometimes skips meals and eats more at the next sitting. I recommend pork ribs as the second meat choice for raw pups. I was hesitant, but if your dog can dismantle chicken quarters, pork ribs will not be an issue, and our pup much prefers them to chicken.

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I started my pit-mix on raw when she was a puppy. Puppies can take variety much better and easier than adults. I had her on chicken, pork, beef, pork hearts, beef hearts, duck, and a variety of organs within a month. You may want to add more variet. Variety is very important with the raw diet to ensure they are getting a good balance of nutrients.