Switching over a pregnant dog?

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Well feeding raw has become my new obsession. Although I haven't started yet, But I bought A LOT of meat and a great grinder a cleaver some new stainless steal bowls for easy sanitizing etc. But I want to finish off the dog food I have right now. Ive been talking about it with my best friend and she had a dog that is pregnant. And wants to take the plunge with me with her 3 dogs. Although she is afraid switching diets might impact or stunt the growth of he pups and the health of the mommy. The momma is about 5-6 weeks along. Would changing the diet be harmful to the mother or pups?

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Hoping that someone else can come and chime in here, since we've been having a lot of unknowledgable troll accounts as of late.

All I can say is that I believe the fat and calorie content needs to be higher. Some people recommend giving raw goat's milk to pregnant dogs and young pups, regardless of if they're on a raw or kibble based diet. I'm guessing that's because of the fat/calorie content, and it's fairly easy to digest.

As for raw, she probably needs to figure out how much more to feed percentage wise (I think 25% more an additional 25% for each pup). I would also choose not to trim any of the fat, as that'll help with fat and calorie content.

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I've heard good things about raw diets. That's all I'm going to say.


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I wouldn't switch a pregnant or nursing dog to raw without a mentor experienced in #1 feeding raw, #2 breeding dogs and #3 switching dogs to talk to. There is just too much going on. Wait until puppies are out and weaned then switch. That would only be in a few months time and give time to research, form a plan and get the supplies together.

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I agree with Maxwell. This isn't the ideal time for a switch...too much happening and too much at stake should the switch not go perfectly well.

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I wouldn't feed a pregnant dog on raw meat. That sounds like a very bad idea.
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I agree with Maxwell. I would just wait until she has whelped the pups and maybe even after she has weaned them. It's just such a delicate time for a dog and sometimes they don't transition well.

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Like others have said it's not ideal to switch now.

Kayla there are dog breeders who do feed raw and never switch to kibble while mom is pregnant. It's not bad for a pregnant dog, but if dog has been on kibble and now pregnant it isn't good to change diet like that.
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Thanks guys should I tell her to wait until they are born or weaned?