How do your dogs feel about eating kibble?

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Herr Bello ist- nicht ein- Mensch!
Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 3:30pm PST 
I'm going to Germany in a few days, and decided that instead of worrying about cutting up more raw, and having my mom have to feed it to Bello and Brittany, just to come home and more than likely need to run and pick up more meat, I'd just put them on Orijen for the two weeks I'm gone. They've been on raw for over two years (minus the week we went to Florida). When we first switched to raw, they both thought it was the greatest thing ever and would barely glance at kibble offered before heading towards that turkey neck or what have you. But now after two years, I think they have grown a bit bored by it, silly things don't realize how many dogs would love to trade with them, and get super excited about eating kibble. At least when I offer it as treats. They also frequently (mainly Bello), when visiting houses with other dogs, rush to where the kibble is kept in an effort to eat it before I can put it up.

So I was wondering if you have found that with time your dogs have lost interest in the excitement of eating raw? Are they more excited about kibble now with no longer getting it every day then they were before? And how long have you been on raw (since the less time you have been on it, the less likely they are to be bored with it)?

Sassy Britches!
Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 3:51pm PST 
Mine likes some kitty kibble (Acana or Wellness) when the cat drops some. Once in a while he will munch on a few pieces of dog food my mom gives her little dog (Halo Fishy). I guess he just likes the variety. shrug I know he wouldn't eat the kibble if he had a choice between raw and kibble.

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Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 4:43pm PST 
Mine has been on raw since 8 weeks (he's 2 years now), so I doubt he even remembers a time when he ate kibble. As a result, he is pretty excited by kibble since it's basically like a treat for him. However, the only time he'll lick the other dog's empty kibble bowl when his own raw dinner is in front of him is when I give him one of the few raw things he doesn't like. Otherwise he waits until after he's eaten his raw to start licking the kibble bowl laugh out loud

Charlie &- Zelda

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Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 4:50pm PST 
Honestly, they still love it. Both of my dogs were eating only raw over 2 years time, and when some aspects of my life changed, I switched them cold turkey to Acana and they gobbled it up. They've been on most all dry food for the past 8 months, and have eaten every meal without a fuss. Now that I'm planning to start raw, they get a little raw snack here and there, and they do seem to value it higher than kibble.

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Ember FDX

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Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 4:52pm PST 
My dogs have been on raw since they've been with me, which is a 3 year minimum. Their systems were pretty screwed up when I rescued them, so they weren't too enthused about eating anything at all. Now they don't really care what they're eating, so long as it's food. Kibble is high value enough that it works for me as training treats in highly distracting environments, but they do get tired of it quickly.

The bigger issue I've had is that they just aren't used to eating it. A handful here and there is no big deal, but as an entire day's worth of food they will get diarrhea. When I leave them, I usually bag up individual meals of raw food and freeze them. The occasions I have not been able to do that, I spring for a couple cases of good canned food.

Transitioning from super processed to completely fresh food is harsh, and so is the reverse. My dogs are stressed enough when I go away, so I'd rather not put that sort of change on them too.
Crash- Dynamite

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Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 8:04pm PST 
My dog steals the cats food all the time. I'm sure Crash would eat the heck of out kibble but it would also give him some serious runs since he's sensitive to grains. I'd have to try out a few different grain free blends before I attempted to go on vacation and feed kibble.

We have gone on vacation, 10 days in Hawaii and our dog sitter just fed RAW. We prepacked enough for the entire trip, plus treats and it was easy peasy
Jackson Tan

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Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 11:09pm PST 
Mine treats kibbles and canned like manna from heaven and is always very enthusiastic about getting it. I don't think he'd even care if I took him off raw and gave him that full time.

How You Doin'?
Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 11:47pm PST 
Chance likes to snatch kibble out of the neighbor dog's bowl when we go over. Gives her room clearing gas that seems to cause her discomfort if she eats enough before we can tell her to leave it.

I have no doubt that if we put a bowl of the same kibble down in front of her here at home, she would refuse it unless we added canned food and fresh meat. And then she would suck the canned food off each kibble, eat the meat and leave a bunch of kibble in the bowl.

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Barked: Mon Jun 10, '13 8:03am PST 
I'm not sure how Hank would react if I put a bowl of kibble down. He hasn't had any since he was 10 weeks old. We doggie sat my sisters puggle last month and she eats canned dog food with kibble and he didn't't try to steal any but after they were done eating they'd swap and lick each others bowls.....
Savannah Blue Belle

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Barked: Mon Jun 10, '13 8:06am PST 
mine pretty much won't. I make them frozen meatballs (with some rice so not as heavy) and bag them up for the kennel.

Easy for them to deal with and the pups love them.