Vomiting after a very bony meal

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Herpaderp-apotam- us
Barked: Sun Apr 28, '13 4:40pm PST 
I left 3 chicken drumsticks out for the cats to eat for breakfast and they stripped most of the meat off just fine but Noah ate up the bones before I could toss them. Shame on me I know, but in all fairness, Noah has never, ever stolen the cat's meals before.

Since then, he's apparently been throwing up throughout the day. Unfortunately I've been at work all day and my wife didn't notice that he'd been puking, she just kept on letting him out whenever he got antsy. It looks like he's thrown up his Honest Kitchen breakfast, some bone fragments and the few training treats I gave him after I came home from work. There were about 6 puke spots out in the yard.

He's been acting like he wants to poop when he goes outside but I don't believe he has. He does seem unsettled and uncomfortable. Should I just wait this out and see how he looks in the morning?

ETA: He's managed to poop a little bit, but it's almost pure liquid. He seems very uncomfortable when he tries to go, he wanders around the yard for quite awhile before he tries to go. I've tried getting him to eat some canned pumpkin but he really doesn't want to eat anything.

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This is one of those situations I would call the vet and ask. Accidentally eating raw bones like that shouldn't be a big deal, but it shouldn't cause that much vomiting, straining and discomfort either.

A lot of vets will panic at "raw chicken bone" and tell you to bring him in immediately. Is there a good emergency clinic in the area you could call? They tend to be less jumpy because they deal with extreme situations all day long. Mine was very helpful when Fox ate part of a discarded turkey carcass some idiot threw in our yard last Thanksgiving.

For future reference, immediately feeding white bread after a dog eats bones like that will help them pass (or in the case of raw feeding, a bunch of meaty meat). At this point I don't think there's much you could feed that would help... Either the bones are working through his system, or they're already blocked up and more food may make it worse.

Can he keep fluids down? Even if the bones are passing, if he keeps vomiting and straining without being able to drink, he could end up with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, or something similar.

Herpaderp-apotam- us
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 8:00am PST 
I don't really have any experience with any of the emergency clinics in the area unfortunately. We're still relatively new to the area so I don't even have a regular vet around here yet.

Fluids seem to be staying down. I fed him a little bit of pumpkin/Honest Kitchen mixture about three hours ago and that thankfully has stayed down. He does seem somewhat better this morning, I couldn't get him to eat anything at all last night. He's more upbeat but still not quite his wiggly self.

At what point should I actually take him in to the vet? I don't want to have the raw talk with a new vet if I don't have to but I certainly don't want to wait around longer than I should. This is the first problem I've ever had feeding a raw diet.

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He's probably constipated.

This happeend the jake a while back. I fed my dogs some beef feet not realizing it's the same as feeding all bone.

Both jake and Sweetie were pretty much constipated. I got vomit that smelt like poop and neither of them went to the bathroom for 2-3 days. I took jake to the vet suspecting a blockage. too him to the vet and spent $$$ just to be told he was severely constipated. Paid $$$ more for an enima and jake was right as rain in a few hours.

Sweetie went on an entirely dehydrated raw diet for a few days and she was back to normal too.

If they don't vomit or poop blood you're probably fine. But if he doesnt' poop today i'd be a little worried. If he becomes lethargic i would also be worried.

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If he's actively improving, I wouldn't be too worried. I would feed 50/50 fiber/meat (or kibble, dehydrated raw, whatever boneless he's used to) today and, if he doesn't pass anything, tomorrow too.

The big emergency signs I'd be looking for are:
- lethargy
- abdomen hurts to touch
- not drinking
- continued vomiting
- inability to keep fluids down
- blood in vomit
- dark, tarry blood in stool or large amount of bright red blood in stool (it's quite likely that there will be some bright red blood if he's that constipated)
- stool that looks like strawberry jam
- not pooping at all

Herpaderp-apotam- us
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 3:50pm PST 
Ok, so I fed a pumpkin/Honest Kitchen mix around noon and he just threw that up about half an hour ago. But we just took him on a walk and he did poop. No blood or bone, it was somewhat soft and smelled extremely bad. I'm assuming it was mostly the mix he got this morning. He's a bit quieter than normal but he's wanting to chase squirrels and even played fetch for a couple minutes today. So I think we're in the clear but if he throws up again before I leave for work tomorrow, I'm going to take him in just to be safe.

Thanks for all the advice guys. We'll keep him on pumpkin/dehydrated meals for a couple days and hopefully everything will be fine. I'm just being paranoid I think.