My Dog fasts on her own?...

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Yeah,as the tittle says. My Chihuahua,P.J,some times doesn't want any food.(or is being VERY picky,cause she will beg if she sees you eating)

I try to feed her on morning and she is just not into it. then at night i try again,and the same. i once tried kibble to see,but,nothing.

She is just,strange. i guess. She doesn't look tired nor anything,acts just the same way,playful and energetic,but won't eat....maybe she got tired of chicken l0l.

should i feed her another type of meat and keep the pup on chicken?. i had gave them some variety but noticed that i was doing things too fast,at least for Terry,so I will wait for his stools to be normal for a week with no change.

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We need to rephrase this. You aren't trying to feed her, you are offering her food and she isn't interested. Sounds like you are stuffing food down her throat otherwise and that sure doesn't make anybody like food.

Are you weighing her meals? Perhaps she is getting plenty fed once a day. Some tiny dogs need 10% of their body weight, perhaps she is an easy keeper that only needs 2% of her body weight.

Max is unlikely to eat food that has been previously offered but that has always been stuff he wasn't very familiar with. Will she eat the same bit another time?

I would move on if she is ready or at least start cutting back on the bone fed. You know how we suggest starting with bony chicken that is ~30% bone? Well if I give that to Max now it makes for very uncomfortable hard poop. If she is doing that well she may not need the extra bone and could even be aware that it is uncomfortable eating so much.

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Oh. I feed her only once. Its only at those random days that she won't eat in the morning. And i usually give her 44 grams of food a day which is..3% of her body weight. That and a tiny bit if leftovers just to fill her.

I mentioned chicken because they had been esting mostly that. For now.

Well i will give her less bone. She had not had any change in poop after those three first days even if i have been giving her the same as Terry,including the liver and others that did make him have loose stool. So i should feed her more meat and less bone.

On a side note: my uncle who is a vet told me cattle here is fed grains and grass. And to not feed pork. He is awesome xD not a single word against raw.

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