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This isn't a raw food question, but I'm interested in the opinions of raw food feeders. What do you do for flea prevention? Do you use some sort of natural approach, or do you use a flea product such as Frontline? I've always used a flea product (except in winter). I would like to avoid the toxins in a flea product, but am afraid Lacey will get fleas. Any suggestions/thoughts?
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I use Sentinel for heartworm prevention, and it has a flea sterilizer in it as well. I have not (knock on wood) EVER had to put frontline or any other topical on her, she has not once had fleas, and I live in the moist, humid, woody midwest.

I know some people recommend diatomous earth, garlic and brewers yeast, but I have not heard of any cases of this actually working, especially in a flea invested environment.

I'd say do something similar, and apply topicals AS NEEDED only. Raw fed dogs are generally healthier and less of a target for fleas.

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I vacuum manically, wash regularly, keep DE smashed into and under rugs, and under seldom-moved furniture, and spray sleeping surfaces with cedar oil. Dogs are bathed about once a month, brushed regularly and wiped down between baths.

The problem is I'm currently forced to live with someone who refuses to do anything anti-flea/tick for the cat she refuses to keep indoors. So no matter what there are fleas in the house. I don't see any point to dumping chemicals on them every 4 weeks, year-round. There are still going to be fleas in the house and they're going to end up resistant to topicals if I go that road.

Not to mention the fleas will just start biting us, since Frontline doesn't work and most of the others contain a repellant.

I haven't had that many problems, as long as I keep up the routine. Occasionally I find a fleck of flea dirt on someone, but that's about it. It's nowhere an infestation, just fleas are routinely present in the environment.