If allergic to Chicken can I feed Duck?

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Hello everyone... Wondering what others experience has been with chicken allergy. Mack is allergic to chicken in kibble form. I have not tried to give him raw chicken (I think some say just because they are allergic to kibble they might be able to eat raw). I was going to feed him duck and turkey, but i am wondering if it is likely he will be allergic to these since its in the poultry family. Thanks for any responses!

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Duck isn't closely related to chicken and does sound like a reasonable meat to start with. Check prices in your area, rabbit is also a lean mild protein with easily edible bone.

I would take off every bit of skin for the first couple of days as duck skin is super fatty and too much fat often causes unplanned potty trips. If that goes well then leave a small amount on for the next couple days and so on. Fat is great but this is big enough change as is without complicating things.

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Sandy is allergic to chicken and my vet said no duck no turkey no anything with feathers and no eggs!

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Sounds like sally has a poultry allergy not just chicken.

But i've heard of similar things. Avoid chicken eggs too.

You coudl try the duck. I introduced sweetie to raw using pork. Which jake can't eat raw do to allergies but he can eat it cooked.
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My Shepherd was allergic to chicken and turkey whether raw or kibble, and she had a reaction to a duck kibble but was ok with raw duck.

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I feel like the safest thing to do is avoid all poultry and eggs and try a different protein like venison, fish, rabbit, beef, lamb. Sandy loves venison the best!

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Duke is highly allergic to chicken.

He tolerates duck and turkey just fine.

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Lacey had a nutriscan test, which tests for allergies to about 12 common dog food items. Showed reactions to chicken and turkey; vet said avoid duck to be safe. Eggs came back okay.