Is broccoli okay for my dog?

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Barked: Thu Mar 14, '13 3:13pm PST 
Making my chihuahua mix, Molly some plain white rice, and chicken. She had runny poos this morning. Anyways, the white rice has broccoli in it, should I remove it, or is it okay?

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That sounds fine. But the meal isn't balanced. If you're trying to home cook then you will need more then what you are providing.

Broccoli is okay for dogs. Jake will eat it raw or cooked.

Caroline at the moment gets stuff that's pureed but her premade raw food has broccoli amongst other green things in it.

I recommend you go to the home cooked thread and read aobut balancing a home cooked diet. I did home cooked for a while but was a lot of work.

Good luck.

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Thank you! No, I am not going home cooked or raw. It is for today, where she had diarrhea. I wanted to feed her something bland. smile dog


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Plain white rice that has broccoli in it? Are you talking about those rice packets like the Uncle Ben's Broccoli Cheddar White Rice? Or did you add the broccoli yourself?

Cooked or pureed broccoli is just fine for dogs. But if you're temporarily doing the limited ingredient diet for diarrhea, I suggest to keep it as simple as possible. Just use drained boiled chicken, plain rice (like the Mahatma white rice in plastic bags at the grocery) cooked soft (2.5 cups water to 1 cup rice) and, optionally, canned pumpkin (not the pie filling).

That's it. This is not a long-term diet. It does not have all the nutrients your dog needs.

Optionally, you can do a simple raw diet... just give your dog raw bone-in chicken leg quarters at about 2% of his weight daily. If the poop stays runny, give him chicken backs, wings, and neck (bonier meal). Optionally, you can add green tripe (not the tripe from the grocery - the green tripe sold in Petsmart). Or, if you can afford the cost, you can just feed him green tripe alone.

After your dog is back to normal, you can switch him back to his old food. Of course, if his old food is what is causing his diarrhea, you will need to go through a permanent food switch.

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I agree if you want a bland diet to help with diareah I'd do just plain chicken and rice.. pumpkin is supposed to help thicken up poo too.

I've always done either cooked hamburger or boiled chicken and rice then once poop is normal I slowly worked normal food back in.

With Saya being on raw diet for her bland diet I do skinless bone in chicken.
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I had the same thought as Bullie - How did the broccoli get in the rice to begin with? If this is pre-seasoned rice, it's definitely not what you want to be feeding for an upset stomach! Also, most pre-seasoned people food contains a lot of onion powder.

In general, broccoli is fine for dogs. Excessive amounts can lead to toxicity over time, but as a reasonable part of a meal it's fine. My dogs had a side of pureed broccoli with dinner a few days last week, actually.

However, since you're looking at meals to sooth the stomach, they really shouldn't include broccoli. Raw broccoli is acidic, and even cooked it tends to cause quite a bit of gas. I'd definitely avoid it given the circumstances. You want to stay super bland - plain rice, and boiled, ground meat is best.

Pumpkin and such are fine too, but redundant since you're already doing rice. In the interest of staying simple, I'd skip it. It sounds like you typically feed kibble? In which case rice is fine... For raw feeders, you would actually want to skip the rice and do pumpkin (or sweet potato, or beets, or squash, etc) and boiled ground meat instead. Dogs who do not typically eat grains often can't digest rice properly.

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