Big boned/Large breed dogs and raw

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So i've noticed as i wonder through the kibble aisles at petsmart on my way to pick up Instinct Raw so my mother will have something to feed jake until i decide about blending up meat. I noticed there are Large breed/small breed dogfoods and then there's just dog food. This got me to thinking since I plan to bring a rather large big boned dog into my family and i want to stay as far away from bloat as possible how much do I have to adjust feeding?

Can I still feed him using the same ratio from the dogster spreadsheet that i used to feed Jake. Or do i need to make some sort of adjustment?

I want my new basset to be as healthy as possible and I want to stay as farway from bloating as physically possible.

Thanks for your advise.

IDK if this is related but is it alright to feed my dogs in kennels since Jake tends to be a bit protective of his raw when it comes to other dogs and I have no idea how my potential new dog will be when given such a high value item?

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As far as I know, the prey model ratios are appropriate for all dogs, no matter the size. I'll just add that you may want to consider adding a joint supplement.

Feeding in a crate is perfectly fine and sounds like a really good plan if there is any concern about resource guarding. Much less stressful on everyone involved and it makes clean-up easier for you. smile

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PMR is appropriate for a large breed as well as it is low calorie with high protein from animal meat. Watch the bone-ratio when feeding a puppy as you don't want to overload your large breed puppy on calcium/phosphorus.

Like all other dogs, a good Omega-3 to Omega-6 balance will help your large breed dog prevent problems. Also things like chicken feet are rich in collagen for joint health.