Toronto dogs are going vegan

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"Toronto's vegan dog owners introducing their pets to an all vegetable diet" (there's a space between can & ada)

http://www.cbc.ca/news/can ada/toronto/story/2013/02/03/toronto-dogs-vegan-owners.html

Lol is all I could think. Especially when they said:

"Canines rely on dry vegan dog food for nutrients such as protein that they would have ingested through eating meat."
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The link was popping up with extra characters, so I thought a hyperlink might be easier.

It was... a strange read. I can't believe the logic some of them have. That the standard of meat is bad. What? Then feed a higher quality food with higher standard meat. OR feed a raw or home cooked diet, so you can know where the meat is coming from.


And yes. That line you quoted really got me.

I have trouble believing dogs would like a vegetarian/vegan diet, anyway, if given an option. Sandy likes carrots, sure. But she will always choose chicken over carrots. Take away the option of meat and of course they're going to like a vegan diet. What else are they supposed to eat?

ETA: Apparently, the hyperlink was a no go as well. It's the "%" and the "20" that need to be removed.

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In any research I have read on a dogs digestive tract states that they do NOT have the enzymes for breaking down plant matter.

The inability to feed a dog an entirely "raw" veggie diet I feel explains that alone. Kibble is required because the processing and manufacturing of the kibble breaks down the cellulose bonds that dogs do not have the enzymes to properly digest.


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That was my understanding as well. That's why if you do give your dog veggies you're supposed to blend it anyway.