Ideas on how you keep your floors clean for a PMR fed dog.

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My dog towel trained herself, because she's prissy laugh out loud
If I've forgot to put her blankets out, she'll clean the floors meticulously on her own. No funny smells or sticky spots, so I assume she's being thorough

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Feed in crate and lay a towel down on the bedding. Wash the towel periodically.
Check out my list of 'how to' videos:

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I've done a variety of things. Feeding outside works best for me, or in the garage if the dogs are being buttheads about the weather or whatever. If I feed in the house I'll either give them one piece at a time, feed from the bowls (they keep stuff in/over the bowls) or feed on a crate pan. You could use a large cookie sheet instead of a crate pan if you do not have one. I only feed in a crate if one of the dogs is being stupid about their food (guarding, not eating it, etc.) but that almost never happens. I always feed them over some type of hard floor too.
I don't use towels, I think that is disgusting. I don't mind meat landing on hard floors, but I DO NOT like meat touching fabrics. If I were to use something like that it would be a small tarp.
I don't get worked up if something hits the floor, as long as it's not a carpet or rug. I just wipe it with vinegar after the dogs are done licking.

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So, I went with the simple route at first - put the meat in their stainless steel bowls and put the bowl on one edge of a placemat. It wasn't so bad after all! I only had to correct them once! The first time they took the meat off the bowl and run away with it to put it on an area rug (we have several) away from the other dogs. So, I took the meats and put it back in the bowls. Then they took the meat again and tried to run away I just did the normal "nuh-uh" that I always do when they try to eat before I give them the go-ahead and they put the meat back in the bowl... so then I tell them to go-ahead again and they took the meat and chomped on it over the bowl and then on the placemat and nowhere else (I guess they like having something to lay the meat on because they tried looking for a "safe" area rug).

It went pretty well for day 1! But then my little bichon vomitted early this morning and there were still small pieces of meat on it. I would think it would all be digested by now!
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