Where to buy rabbit

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 5:05pm PST 
I live in Waco Tx & I was wondering if anyone had any info on where I could buy whole rabbits locally (I've been buying them at HEB and it's expensive) or online for a good price??

Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 12:14pm PST 
Check craigslist. I see rabbits on craigslist all the time.
I've seen them at the butcher and the grocery store too, but I don't know if that's because of my area or what.

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Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 1:28pm PST 
I've seen rabbits at the local butcher pricey of coarse..

hare-today.com has rabbits.

I seen rabbits for sale for specifically for meat. I'd rather pay same amount I do for the butcher rabbit if it's whole as it has the yummy organs..

Saya loves whole rabbit she has had butchered rabbit before too.

Hunting for rabbit is an option.. coarse kinda hard if you live in city. Coarse check laws on it.


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Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 3:46pm PST 
Have you tried 4H kids?

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I get all my whole prey from RodentPro.com. The shipping on frozen meat is what drives the price up, so it's really only cost effective if you can place large orders. Definitely check Craigslist, as there usually are lots of rabbits there. I've found that online ordering is cheaper for me (and then I don't have to deal with killing them), but I'm sure it depends on the area and whether you can find a good supplier. You could also check Eatwild.com.