Yikes! Food aggression?

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Clown Dog
Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 9:29am PST 
wow casper sounds alot like jobi. they estimated him to be 2 years old when i adopted him. he was given to the shelter in ohio from an animal hoarder who got him from a "give away"???? he was sheduled to be put down because he was not good with people. the rescue took him from the shelter and brought him to new york. they shaved him down because his whole body was matted, teeth were cleaned, neutered and shots. then put in a foster home. at the foster home they said he ate threw the plastic baby gate to get to the foster mom. Then i adopted him off of pet finder and brought him to canada. so that is 6 places in 2 years for him ( that i know of)alot of traveling. when i got him he banged his head against the cage door over and over again , so i had to let him out. he would pee and poo and run all threw it all day long, howl and bark and pace back and forth till i got home. he won't eat outside the house and seems scared of men more than women.he is scared of all other animals too. the dog park was interesting.. first time i saw him growl..he is scared of everything. but i think agility would be a good thing for him cause he is hyper and jumps real high and smart. did agility help casper be more confident? i think i need to learn from you and take him to classes of some sort.as for the food, after two years , he is now running away from people with his food lol and he buries it for later lol.i am afraid to see if he tries to bite me.lol

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I grew up with German shepherds and huskies and dogs like the wolf-hybrid. Confident and raised from weaning in our family and well socialized. If they developed problems it was pulling too much on the leash or stealing food, chasing the chickens or in the wolf-hybrid aggression/dominance stuff. I was good even as a teen at working with and solving those training issues. None of it prepared me for a scardy-cat super sensitive fluffball. smile He's taught me a lot.

Clicker based positive training has been the best thing ever for Casper's confidence levels. Our first class, he was so terrified that he wouldn't eat (cooked) chicken pieces. Just took them and dropped them, creating quite a distraction as the other dogs wanted to mop up his leftovers. We have several good local training centers and the first one we went to had really small classes (Max of 6 dogs) and experience with problem dogs.

Casper is especially funny with agility. By the time we took that we'd already taken beginners, manners, and a rally class so the center was familiar. He was terrified of the newly set up equipment however. He learns amazingly fast though and soon he was trotting accross the dog walk and dashing through tunnels pretty well as long as I was close. In competition I'd have to be farther back and I don't think he'd cope well...but just for fun, he loves it. Really perks up when he sees the equipment.

I think any type of consistent gentle training helps though. I don't think there's a too late for good socialization. It just takes a lot longer and is harder with older dogs
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