Skulls, bones and guts - A few Questions

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Bam-Bam, CGC

Lil' Rubble
Barked: Wed Dec 26, '12 12:06pm PST 
My two have both happily consumed goat skulls in their entirety, so I imagine lamb skulls wouldn't be much different. It would be dependent upon how strong of a chewer your dog is. Also, I have a friend whose dog isn't as powerful of a chewer, and she regularly gets pig skulls. She simply takes a sledge hammer to them to break them open and let her dog consume what she wants.

Do you even- lift?
Barked: Wed Dec 26, '12 2:33pm PST 
I've fed pig heads and a lamb head, and Onyx didn't have any trouble with either. The lamb head took a lot longer and he didn't finish it all, but it was larger than the pig heads I've given. The pig heads he's always eaten completely.

Neither dog showed much interest in the lamb legs, which surprised me because I thought they'd be nice chews. I guess they took a pass because the legs were basically fur, bone, and hoof, with pretty much no meat. Onyx does like pig feet though, and they're supposed to be good for keeping teeth clean. I don't do anything to the chicken feet I buy and we've never had problems.

Like Maxwell said, I probably wouldn't bother with the intestines.

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