Does this look ok?

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I really want to start feeding my dogs something better than just their kibble but right now it doesn't seem realistic for me to unless I find a super easy alternative. I don't drive so it's hard to get around and find the all these extravagant body parts. And I'm horrified I'll kill my little guys (and gal) by not giving them everything they need nutritionally (appropriate edible bones and organs ratio etc). Let's face it, I suck at math.

http://homemadedog food.com/feeding-raw-dog-food/

(space in between dog and food)

Does something like that look ok? I think I'd switch out the licko-chops for real omega acids?

I guess what you're seeing from me is I am not content just feeding kibble but I'm not confident I can handle the complications of raw, like knowing how much to feed, what to feed, getting all the ingredients I need, etc. It just seems very confusing to me. I have started to the starter packets we have posted on dogster but it all seems very dense and frazzling to me.

Would it be easier to do something like that recipe? Where you have basic foods you can find anywhere and then you just add your own supplements?

Is there a recipe site for that kind of thing?

I work at a kennel and I see some of the folks leave their boarding dogs with things like cooked rice and boiled chicken to go with their kibble, is something like that better than nothing?


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I personally don't like it. I don't understand why the eggs are hard-boiled, and adding rice (and so much of it at that) is useless. Rice is a nutritionally void filler.

I guess I also really dislike the lack of organs and variety. Supplementing a vitamin in place of liver, kidney, spleen, and lots of different meat sources just doesn't seem right. Somehow I highly doubt that the OP of the recipe did the math behind the nutrition.

I don't know. I feel like doing a lazy version will always have bad results. When I was feeding lazy, under-balanced raw (chicken/bone, organs, and tripe), my dogs' skin and coat suffered terribly.

Personally, I feel like people should either feed Prey-Model-Raw, a scientifically balanced BARF or homecooked food, or a commercially-balanced food.

Edit: If you're not comfortable doing full raw, or if you don't have the money to pay for commercial raw, you could feed kibble along with raw-meaty-bones or raw toppers. This is what I do since I don't have the time to balance raw anymore. We feed a very high quality kibble, and give hunks of meat. raw eggs or raw-meaty-bones twice a week.

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I wouldn't use that particular recipe but I am sure there are others out there that would be a well balanced diet. Dinovite is intended to supplement a balanced diet, not balance it.

I haven't used this stuff but it does meet AAFCO standards and the recipe is on the product website. Would be a better choice and I am sure there are a few other products like it out there, this is just the one I remembered enough of the name to google successfully!
http://www.knowbetterpetfood.com/better_in_the_raw_wi th_liver

Lew Olson doesn't count grams and all that like I do and she knows a lot more about dog nutrition than I do. Perhaps her writings could help. She has a book but you can read a lot of her writings here.


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Have you looked into Sojo's or The Honest Kitchen?

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Hmmm... You know, this site: www.reelrawdog.com ships nation wide (US) and they have a bulk raw that is completely balanced for 1.99/lb. I bought it for a long time and Cookie did great on it, although she didn't love the texture at first, I remember spoon feeding her.
I used to order it (10 lbs of it) and portion it into zip lock bags. but nowadays I would portion it into small containers and just have a week's worth of food in the fridge at a time, instead of 40 little hard to manage baggies.
It's a great mix of meat, organs and bone, the ONLY downside is that it is ground, and so doesn't do too much for the breathe and teeth cleaning. but still way better than kibble.