Should I stick with this menu or switch to kibble?

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I have a six month old Vizsla and I`ve been feeding him raw ever since I got him at the age of 2 months.
I give him chicken backs in the morning. For lunch and dinner he gets beef hearts. I also feed him fish one day per week. is stool is not very hard but soft either. (only gets runny poop when eating pork which i don`t give him any more)

Is my puppies menu acceptable or should I switch to kibble?

These are the only things i can get for an acceptable price. All the other meat is very expensive where I live.
I can add some variety to the breakfast part where he gets his bones but that is it.

Thank you in advance

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No organs? Your pup should have 5% liver and 5% other secreting organs like kidney,sweetbread,spleen..etc.

If you can't do it right, you should switch to a high quality grain free kibble. :/

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So if I add the organs could the diet be acceptable?
Is it better to add a small amount to each meal or give it to him in one big meal during the week?
Thank you for your response.

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It depends on the dog. Sometimes too much organ at once can cause ' rocket butt ' aka horrible diarrhea. As mentioned before 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organ. I'm not sure of the weight ratio for a puppy, but I know for an adult dog its about 2-3% of their weight per day.

a typical meal for my dog is a chicken thigh or chunk of rabbit (with bone and sometimes organ attached) a small piece of beef or chicken liver, and if I have it, a small chunk of beef kidney, beef heart (though thats fed as meat) or other organ. Every once in a while i'll throw in egg or small whole fish or fish oil. I know most done feed veggies, but if I have left over cooked veggies or fruits i'll add in a little just because my dog likes it.

Theres a few good 'how to get started' sort of threads on here as well. Feel free to ask questions!!

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The diet would be pretty good if you added liver and some other sort of organ. I pay a lot more for organ than meat but it is a very small part of the diet. If you could reduce the bone by feeding 2-3x the amount of heart as backs by weight then the calcium would be at a better level but that depends on your pup's gut of course. Zinc would still be low, oysters are a terrific source and only a couple ounces a week would be needed, add as if it were liver, 5% of the diet. Fish or fish oil and add in some vitamin E either way would be good as well.

How much are you feeding him? Vizslas are lean dogs with no fur to hide the body condition so it is very easy to think they are too skinny when really they are just right. Perhaps if you fed a bit less food the poop would improve. Never fed a pup but about 3% the ideal anticipated adult body weight is about right. 24 ounces a day if he might be 50 pounds.

Perhaps you need to introduce meats very slowly for him. Some dogs can take half a day's ration in new stuff without issues and some need slivers and those slivers increased at a snail's pace. Max got his new proteins introduced slowly and he did just fine and after a couple years and more than half a dozen meats I can now just feed half a meal of new stuff without issue.

Remember that too much fat, too much food, too much organ cause soft to nasty poop, too much bone causes hard to powder poop. And the type diet most of us aim for here is prey model, 80% meat, 10% bone encased in some of that meat, 5% liver in variety, 5% other organs in variety.

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You can do it. You just need to get your dog's adult weight and make sure everything is right. Feed 2-3% of the weight and make it 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver, 5% other organ.

if the fish your are feeding is whole and contains organs then that can count as organ. look for liver and kidney or sweet breads at the store or butcher.

Most dogs do fine on one meal a day.

My only concern is that you make sure your menu is balanced.

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Thank you all for the responses and the useful information.
I`ll be giving him the suggested amounts of organs. I`m glad that I don`t need to switch to kibble. He adores RAW blue dog
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Crash's main diet consists of Turkey and Pork Hocks. It's the stuff I can find cheap in my area. He also gets Sardines (frozen whole) a few times a week as well as chicken livers.
We get lucky sometimes and score some different foods for him but meat in the grocery stores in Alaska is pretty expensive! We humans don't even eat beef.

Do your best to get as wide of a variety as you can. Good Luck