Good teeth cleaning bones?

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At this point my dogs are still on kibble. What kind of bones can I buy that are good for teeth cleaning. I have a 10 pound, a 35 lb, and a 50 lb dog. Would beef ribs be good for that? Would I not feed kibble and instead feed the bones for that meal? How often should they be chewing bones to keep their teeth clean?

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Its not just the bones that cleans their teeth, think about it.. When they chew on a bone, aren't they just using the tips of their teeth to crunch down?

The meat around the bones does a whole lot more.. That being said, our favorites are Chicken Quarters and Pork Shoulders.

You should feed a raw and a kibble meal about 8 hours apart.

I'd start at 1 a week and later when they're used it, up it to 2.

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I really like beef ribs. Max thought he was a mighty wolf and tried to break and swallow them when he first started raw but now pulls and chews off the soft stuff very nicely. He had been just fine when they were a weekly treat when he ate cooked or kibble.

Before the dogs were on fresh food I just gave them each a single rib once a week and didn't worry about overfeeding and they were just fine. A raw fed dog starts at 2% ideal adult body weight which is 16 ounces for a 50 pound dog. Since the ribs I bought were just about half soft stuff and half bone I would give a 50 pound dog 2 pounds of ribs which is about 4 ribs and no other food for 24 hours. I probably would give 2 ribs to the larger dogs and no dinner and 1 rib to the smallest dog and no dinner. The larger dogs may eat a lot of bone, I just did not care for the attempts to break and swallow, chewing to get soft stuff off is just fine by me. That is what Sassy used to do, just chew on the joint end and the bone gradually got shorter.

You might look out for pig feet as well. The super tough skin is great for tooth cleaning. Max is on to me though and refuses to chew on them, too much work!


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Chicken bones are a bit too soft for teeth cleaning but beef bones are too hard. I was just reading an article that said mutton, lamb, or goat have the best teeth cleaning options. Iknow mine love the goat shanks I get from the indian store down by where we live.