eating raw and now poo!

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The Ralphinator
Barked: Wed Nov 21, '12 9:16pm PST 
Ralph has been switched over to raw for 2 months now and its a big learning curve for both of us. He enjoys his meals, but between the fossil poops and mucous runny poops, the bile vomits and the horrible gas I'm almost ready to give up. Today takes the cake and I REALLY hope its just a coincidence...
He has been eating Canadian Goose all week, with a pork back rib to bulk up the meat (its a breast portion hes eating). Anyways, today, he had an explosive poop and then he ate it. I have NEVER seen him eat his own poop before, horse, rabbit, cat, goose, yes, but not his own. I am so ready to give up raw! Is this normal? He is not doing the barf diet, but straight up, raw meaty bones. I was on a facebook page that was helping me, but I dont feel welcome there to ask them questions anymore. Any advice???
I will add, that he was eating chicken for about a month, but his constant licking and face rubbing made me think he should try a new protein, hence the goose (hubby is a hunter, so free meals for Ralph!)

I want to play!
Barked: Thu Nov 22, '12 9:22am PST 
Can you list each meals?

Is the goose boneless or bone in? Pork ribs how many the dog gets a day or week?

Saya loves Canadian goose she has had boneless and bone in.

I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Thu Nov 22, '12 9:24am PST 
Lovely, you must be extra thrilled with the raw diet now. He knows that that poop contains a lot of undigested food and since his diet isn't complete yet he wants to eat it to recover nutrients missing in his diet. Since he already had the habit it wasn't hard for him to make the connection and eat his poop.

Why was he having alternating fossil and goo poops? Were you feeding super bone then no bone? I know many people have success with such a plan right off the bat but Max needs a moderate amount of bone daily and when he was on two meals a day he needed it every meal. Didn't get it but he needed it - thus the move to feeding once a day. Instant acceptable poop.

Isn't goose super fatty same as duck? What exactly are you giving him? Since this is wild meat are you freezing it hard before using?

Don't offer other proteins yet. If the breast hasn't enough bone then put it back in the freezer and find something bonier. Pork rib is good stuff and most dogs digest it fine but wait.

Lovely protein to give him! If I were so lucky I would first be freezing it long and hard. I would be removing the skin and serving the very bony backs, necks and ribs until I saw good enough poop then using the long boned legs and wings. Then I would be leaving increasing amounts of skin on the meals. By this time the organs should be very well frozen and you could start them if they are apparently parasite free. Since he has had a rocky start do slivers that are at most 10% of the amount he will need daily and daily increase the number of slivers as tolerated. Don't assume game is parasite ridden. When I was at college we dissected a feral duck that was completely free of any parasite. Boy were we disappointed! It has been reported here and elsewhere that older animals have harder bone. If you can determine the age of the bird then start out with younger ones. Perhaps the bone ends would have more cartilage? Perhaps the plumage is different?


The Ralphinator
Barked: Fri Nov 23, '12 5:30am PST 
Thank for the replies. Hes eating about 6 oz of goose breast, no skin, no bones, visible fat removed and 1 oz pork rib(or one pork rib) to 'solidify' his poops(which obviously isn't helping). I divide it into 2 portions because he was used to eating 2x a day. Only one meal of that day is including the bone.

Hes been eating the goose for about 7 days now and yesterday he ate NOTHING and he ran out this morning to have a runny poop again.

Yes, the meat was previously frozen after it had been shot. His poor bum is so raw from the runs that he is scooting more than ever and I end up having to wipe his tush after or else I have poop all over the house.

I will add, that he was previously eating chicken thighs/legs for about a month with no poop issues. I also included a tad of beef liver and some chicken hearts/gizzards into those meals with no problems. HOWEVER, due to the chicken eating corn, Ralphs grain allergy flared up, which is why I slowly switched him over to the goose. By slowly I mean, I added 2oz of goose to his meals for 3 days, and he had no problems.

I hope that helps

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I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Fri Nov 23, '12 8:14am PST 
Why are you not using the bones from the goose? I would be using those bones. I would have skipped the long bones with Max but the backs, ribs and necks should be good stuff.

Did you start out raw with just bony chicken and only add in the organs once poop was normal? If not you were rushing things.

What are the symptoms of his grain allergy? Good job seeing that mixed with the usual poop issues with changing the diet!

Good that he is having more or less normal stool intervals even if the consistency leaves a lot to be desired.

6 ounces is possibly a bit more food than he needs especially since you were giving the pork rib as well. Was that completely cleaned off? Bone is part of the diet so you weren't just giving 6 ounces of goose, it was 6 ounces of goose and _ ounces of pork rib. Sure doesn't seem like it and that breast meat is very likely low in fat and calories but maybe it is too much? Any amount of pork rib that he could chew up would be sort of large as well. I weighed bare pork rib once and an inch was about an ounce. He doesn't need more than 3 or so to make the diet about 30% bone which is the usual starting out point for new dogs and that is not a good size bone, too tempting to swallow whole.

I might treat this as a real upset and start with tiny amounts of food often today. If it stays down and his gut doesn't go into actual urgent frequent stool [which is the troubling kind of diarrhea he hasn't had, right?] then tomorrow feed the same amount of food in fewer meals. Don't feed pork rib! Use the goose bone and feed a good sized piece of it and if it is attached to meat all the better. No skin! Reduce the TOTAL amount of food that goes into him to only 2% his actual weight. No snacks unless you reserve some of his goose for that. Many dogsters see good results from probiotics, might look for a human grade one without the tasty stuff dog probiotics have.
Bella &- Cougar

Barked: Fri Nov 23, '12 2:53pm PST 
I am still fairly new to raw, so I can't comment on WHAT you're feeding him. However, my 54 lb Aussie had completely inconsistent poop from the beginning of raw. Even with the chicken. Some days were good and then some were VERY bad. At one point, I thought it was the pork because it seemed to be really bad on those days, so I did away with pork. The problems did decrease a bit. However, I was feeding him 3% of his body weight and he ended up getting a little chubby. So, I decreased the amount a little over time. As I decreased, I noticed a change in poops for the better. Still no pork, thought. Now, I am actually down to 1.5% of his body weight and the poops are completely normal and are no matter what he eats. He is maintaining a healthy weight AND I am not concerned about the poops as much any more. I'm only saying this because even though I read that feeding too much could cause loose poops, and in our case, it was usually really runny, I didn't think it was true. But, now having experienced it, it really is! So, could that possibly be an issue??

the chi-weenie
Barked: Fri Nov 23, '12 3:19pm PST 
I remember when I started my dog on pork after she did good on chicken and beef and I was rushing it because horrible things followed. I wanted to quit raw so bad. but I couldn't bring myself to feed kibble again, so I just stopped the pork and went back to beef and chicken, and later on I introduced it again and she did fine.

but I also was feeding too much bone for a while. I figured out that when my dog stopped wanting to eat her food, I recalculated the portions and found out I was feeding way too much bone.

and ditto to feeding the goose bone-in.

I used to feed 2x a day, but now it's once/day and it's a lot easier.

Semper Vorax
Barked: Fri Nov 23, '12 10:02pm PST 
goose is super fatty even in the breast portion. I would be every cautious with a fatty meat like that, he might be having spleen or pancreas problems with it. Try to find a lean meat like goat, vennison, or rabbit and let the dog eat the bones with the meat

I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Sat Nov 24, '12 1:00am PST 
According to nutritiondata goose meat is 7% fat, pretty lean. According to the Canadian site raw Canada goose breast meat is 4% fat. That is pretty darn lean. Skinned chicken, turkey, duck, defatted pork loin and 95% lean hamburger are leaner as well. Chicken and turkey are likely off the menu because of their diet. If the dog is reacting to grain then is there any domestic meat that is suitable? Grass fed beef and lamb maybe?

Excellent point. A lot of dogs have pancreatic issues we don't know about until we feed more fat as in a raw diet or too many fatty treats at holiday time.

Since goose is there I think feeding smaller very bony portions is the way to go for a few more days. Skinned of course!