Whole prey question...and a story

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I'm king of the- world!
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '12 7:40pm PST 
To those of you who feed whole prey (fur, feathers and all), do your dogs digest most of it?

I ask because a funny thing happened tonight on our walk. Duke went to do his evening duty and I reciprocated with mine...picking it up. It was dark, so I pulled out the flashlight. No poop. I saw something come out, so I was a bit perplexed. It had to be there somewhere. Then I realized, with a certain degree of horror and amazement, that the slimy sparrow under my light beam was, in fact, the "poop."

Two nights ago he snatched something out of the gutter while we were walking (again in the dark). I had no idea what it was. Now I know!

I still just can't believe he pooped a whole, intact bird. Not a feather was ruffled. Just some mucous and a few poop smears. silenced I can't believe how it looked so...not digested.

The perils of raw feeding!

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '12 8:46pm PST 
Wow, never had that happen...

When I was feeding whole rabbits, there would be some fur in the poop, but otherwise it looked normal.

Mucus in the stool often means intestinal upset, so me thinks the little sparrow did not agree with him (maybe because of something it had come into contact with in the gutter) and that was the cause of it being "expelled" so to speak, especially if he swallowed it whole.

I'm king of the- world!
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '12 9:07pm PST 
Duke has a history of digestive issues, so it honestly doesn't surprise me. He swallowed it whole. That bird could have just fallen out of the sky! It was completely intact. The mucous wasn't terrible. I've seen worse when he was getting too little bone. But there was no doubt about the poop streaks along its sides.

As I think about it, he grabbed the bird last night, not two days ago. So I suppose it could go through without digesting. He used to poop frighteningly big bone fragments when he first transitioned to raw. I've learned he needs bone daily, in small amounts. His system can't handle lots at once.

I thought it was kind of amusing! Hardly anything else came out--just one little turd and the bird.

Gives new meaning to "having a bird"? laugh out loud

Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '12 9:39pm PST 
Oh Duke, if you could see my face right now!

That is really one of the weirdest raw feeding stories I've ever heard. And really quite incredible. Wow.

Do you even- lift?
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '12 10:31pm PST 
Wow, yeah, that's weird. I regularly feed Onyx whole birds (quail and chicken) and nothing like that has ever happened. I've never even seen feathers in the poop, although sometimes there's a small bit of fur off the furry whole prey.

Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 12:40am PST 
Eek.. that would scare me to death.
Atleast he didn't barf it up and leave it as a present, or try to eat it again (have had that happen before.. ick).

Sometimes I see fur, mostly if theres a lot of bone.
What I do see that REALLY creeps me out..
Is the claws/nails.
Like on chicken feet you know? I thought Nare had Worms or something, after a fecal and dewormer just in case, I noticed that these weird moon-shaped slug looking things were actually talons.
.. I started clipping the nails off them so I dont experience the weirdness anymore. It makes my skin crawl thinking of it.

Farlekiin the- Dragonborn
Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 1:31am PST 
That's unreal! shock

Farley gets whole prey all the time, (whole chickens, piglets, rabbits) and the most I have ever seen undigested in his stool is some fur or feathers.

Pooping out an intact bird means Duke must have gulped that little dead bird down whole! Quite the story indeed laugh out loud

I want to play!
Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 11:58am PST 
Saya has had baby and juvenile rabbits and no issues except fur once it degrades same for her quail, but both items require her to crunch it she couldn't swallow them whole the baby rabbit maybe, but she chews it fine.

Must not agreed with him. :

Saya could swallow mouse or any small rodent whole, but she hates rodents she kills them, but won't eat them.

Which is good..laugh out loud

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The world is my- food bowl!
Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 1:08pm PST 
Because Duke has had a history of strange digestive issues, I would say it's definitely related.

Charlie has eaten dozens of rabbits and on most occasions he digests it fully. Once in a while I would find some fur in there.

I'm king of the- world!
Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 4:37pm PST 
Hate to admit it, but we went back to the scene of the crime in daylight. The bird was looking kinda gnarly...but still whole, just like he swallowed it. What's so crazy is that it wasn't "encased" in poop like other foreign objects he has swallowed have been. All that came out was bird.

I was begged to take a pic by my two teenage nephews who think that a pooped-out bird is about the coolest thing ever. laugh out loud So wrong! Despite the digestive issues, and that fact that no obstruction came of it, it is a dang funny story.

I know Duke is nervous, but I never expected him to have a bird!
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