crazy little dogs!!

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I have two awesome little girls. mommy Junebug and her litter runt esme. they are pure minpin reds. they are vary new to raw diet (4 weeks) as am I to feeding it to them. I did tons of research and came to the conclusion that my little monsters needed what nature intended.

A little horror story about junebug. when vacationing for a week I left my girl in the capable hands of my mother. unfortunately junebug loves undies. I'm going to confess to being an irresponsible dog owner for a minute by saying I made the near fatal mistake of not informing my mom of junebugs love for under garments. after discovering a pair of half eaten drawers my mom noticed junos decreased appetite and vomiting and took her strait to the local vet. upon ultrasound they found that junebug had something stuck in her intestines that requires surgery to remove. she is status post abdominal bowel surgery 2 years now and I'm glad to report she is a healthy little mutt.

the reason for the back story is to explain that her gastrointestinal tracked is not quite up to par. after 1 week of raw chicken she developed runny stools. after 2 weeks it was obviously that 1 day a week with runny poops was going to be the norm if she continued the raw. I switched her to cooked chicken breasts and raw livers and she seams to be doing great.

my other little monster Esme berates me daily. "hey daddy WTF. Why have I been eating that store bought k@*##le crap for 2 years". needless to say she is doing great with the raw diet. more energetic, clean teethed, pleasant breathed, shinny coated, and happy then I have ever seen her.

Now that you have my long winded back story I would like to get to my questions in hopes that someone will be able to help me.

Junebug Questions:
Should I continue feeding cooked with raw organs if she is responding well to it?
would it be safe to try a different raw protein source ie. fish, lamb, beef, pork, wild game?
is a cooked diet as beneficial as a raw diet?

Esme questions:
is it safe to have her on raw around Juno on a cooked diet?
How often should I switch her protein source?

Both questions:
what are some good meat parts/bones for a breed as small as this? all the research i have done gives a list of good protein sources and "receipts" ie. unwrap the raw meat and hand it to your dogs. it also says that raw diets are completely safe for small breeds but dosn't give any specific examples of safe meaty bones for the little ones.

is canned salmon as good as fresh?

is dehydrated meat good for winter time when I'm short on fresh meat and game?

I'm planning on adopting a new pup into family. a larger breed hunting dog. there is no food aggression to date but with a new member to the pack it is a concern. how do I go about safely feeding 2 little dogs along side a 50 pound dog when raw meat is on the table?

any help would be appreciated. of course I will continue to consult my doggie medical professionals but real world experience from the dogs mouth is vary beneficial.


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That's great she's doing well on small amounts of raw organs, what organs are you feeding her?
As long as her surgery is completely healed, I would think it would be a-okay to try feeding her raw protein again.. maybe turkey or pork, but in very small amounts at first. Some dogs are allergic to raw chicken, so you never know.
Cooked is not as beneficial as raw, it doesn't have a load of bad stuff in it like some dog food, but it also has much of the nutrition cooked out of it.

It should be fine to have them around each other on different diets... (maybe I'm missing something here?)
Plenty of dogs eat different diets and live in the same home, or eat half raw, half kibble themselves.
Switch protein source as often as your dog can handle it if you want to, or until it's convenient to you. I know that little dogs don't eat a lot. I would wait until we finished all of the current buy before I bought anything else. Don't have a lot of freezer space.
But do make sure your feeding plenty of red meat, it is the more nutritious choice. Chicken can be lacking.

Hmm, my dog weighs 8-9 lbs and I've fed chicken necks, chicken feet, sliced beef knuckle bones, chicken wing pieces, chicken thighs, pork ribs, bone in chicken breast, and I'm still on the quest for the best meaty bone for my size dog.
It's also a good idea to buy meaty bones which are too big for your dog to really eat. they will get the meat off, and then gnaw the bone. Way more fun and teeth cleaning than crunching up a chicken thigh bone in 1 minute.

canned not as good as raw, but still a legit source of omega fatty acids. many raw feeders feed small amounts of canned fish. watch out for salt content.

dehydrated meat is OK, but not a complete substitute for raw. Some things are dehydrated at very high temps which is cooking. Even freeze dried doesn't seem to be as good. I'm looking at freeze dried dog food right now and the ingredients still include a long list of many added vitamins and minerals, which on a raw diet would not be necessary. with your little dogs you should be able to stock up at the grocery store, that's where I get my meat. sometimes, in the right part of town, I can get beef for under 2.00/lb!

can't say anything about the new dog in the pack, I only have one doggie. :p