Is this a balanced diet?

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Sad dog sushi offers a free sample menu (http://www.saddogsushi.com/sample_menu.html) on their website. I really wish I could afford to do their pre-measured service but with our three they want $300/month. That's more than I spend on groceries for us. Premade already costs more and when you add shipping it's a budget buster. I wonder if I could mimic something like this myself if it is a balanced diet? They include a lot of tripe, do people usually feed that much tripe? Does anyone know of a premade company that offers an organ blend like them? (http://www.saddogsushi.com/organami.html) I think that would help me a lot, so I don't have to worry about organ portions.

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It would be balanced for maybe a larger dog.
My dog is very small so her bone requirement is like two chicken necks a week, while a larger dog would be able to have a rmb every day.

tripe is amazing for your dog, but most people get by without feeding it.
I happened to come across some dehydrated green tripe that I keep on hand. (forget to feed it a lot) but I'm scared of stinky tripe. silenced yuck

I've ordered from these guys a lot. I bought the premeasured beef blend in bulk. 10 lbs for 1.99/lb. The bulk stuff is the only thing I found affordable.

I also wish I could get their organ blend for my dog... I'm going to try and make my own organ blend, but it won't have many of the organs they have. I can't find them at the store.

BY THE WAY, they are in the process of changing their name and website, if you want to check it out, it's reelrawdog.com it looks much nicer than their old site.

this is what I always ordered from them which I thought was a good deal:

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The diet is 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organ. You can feed any of those rolls just ask how much organ and bone are in the various rolls. For small dogs you would feed less roll and a smaller bony bit - a chicken foot or neck instead of a quarter of chicken maybe. If you feed mostly chicken bony stuff then choose mostly beef, lamb and pork rolls.

Tripe is fed as meat and I try to feed it once a week or so. It can be fatty and very high in iron and isn't as high in protein as muscle meat but it is very yummy and richer in manganese and magnesium than the other foods we offer up.

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the only organ i can find in the store is liver. so i don't know what to do. i have a friend that has a farm, and every once in awhile we'll get a rabbit or other chicken parts....maybe this year we'll even get some goat organs. but mostly i can only feed liver. what does everyone else do for organs?