Raw Potatoes - Good or Bad?

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Barked: Mon Oct 22, '12 2:54pm PST 
Hi, my dog Zack loves to eat raw potato peelings. He only gets literally two or three peelings when I miss the bin and he dives on them, but I thought I'd research it to make sure it was safe.

There seems to be a lot of mixed thoughts about whether or not they are safe. Some say their dogs have DIED from eating raw potatoes. Others say they give them to their dogs all the time with no problems.

I know that the green bits are really bad and are toxic, but he doesnt get those - just the small peelings that miss the bin. Perhaps the peeling has a tiny bit of green on it, but it usually doesnt. Surely thats not too bad for him. I used to know a dog who's owners idea of 'feeding him' was to throw him a raw potato every now and then and he was fine (or as fine as being owned by scumbags can be. He has happily been rehomed now. Yay!) So yeah, I'm a little confused. Does anyone feed raw potatoes?

Keep in mind that some of the sites I've been looking at that say it's a killer also say that raw meat is terrible cause it can give your dogs salmonella and e.coli and stuff : P But I didn't want to dismiss it just because they were wrong about one thing.

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All the research I have read says that raw potatoes are fine, but the green bits are VERY bad. Winston gets a couple of potato peelings too, but I check it very carefully for green bits first.
Maybe those who are saying their dogs have died from eating raw potato missed a small green bit on it?

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My sister's dog steals potatoes all the time when the kids leave the pantry door open. Lena goes right in and helps herself to a spud or two. I doubt she ever checks for green skin, and they have never made her sick.


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Barked: Thu Oct 25, '12 3:17pm PST 
Potatoes that have been exposed to sunlight for extended periods, have been damaged, or are sprouting contain really dangerous alkaloids that can lead to severe illness and even death. They usually show the green coloration, which is from chlorophyl, but perfectly good potatoes can start to sprout and become dangerous, so it's good to be diligent if dogs have access to them.

Uncooked potatoes that have been properly stored and haven't developed alkaloids are definitely not as abjectly dangerous, but still not really the best thing you could let a dog eat, and could pose a danger to some.

Potatoes are starchy, and some of these starches are really hard or impossible to digest, especially when they haven't been rendered easier by cooking. They basically make it into the large intestine where they sit and ferment. Natural gut flora have a feeding frenzy and contribute their own metabolites in out-of-whack proportions. This can lead to gas, bloating, and discomfort very much the same way dairy products do, and for the same reason. Probably not a big problem in small amounts for dogs with a strong digestive constitution, but I'd avoid raw potato in any dog that has a history and/or predisposition to bloat.

Potatoes also contain a protease inhibitor which is in the highest amounts near the surface of the potato right near the skin. Again, this is mostly or totally denatured by cooking, so usually not a concern. Protease is an enzyme that "unzips" protein, an essential function in digestion. All in all, a little bit here and there probably isn't too much to worry about, but not really an ideal thing to introduce into the system. If complete and healthy digestion is already an issue, I wouldn't risk exacerbating the problem with potato peels.

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Barked: Tue Oct 30, '12 8:21am PST 
Thanks for the info, guys. Zack generally has a stomach of steel, his gut is really hard core, haha. I won't worry as much about the occassional peeling, I never intended to give him a whole potato anyway, I just wanted to know that I wasn't doing anything to harm him. I'll keep an eye out for the green pieces - thanks a lot smile

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I give Saya cooked potatoes or sweet potatoes during holidays as special treat, but I never go out my way to give it. She finds raw potatoes sweet or normal not so yummy she prefers them dehydrated or cooked..

Yeah green potatoes are something I read isn't good.

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i eat alot of raw vegan foods and the raw community says people can't eat raw potato cause it is a night shade, therefore poison. but i remember as kids eating slices when my mom made french fries.. i didn't die..smile.. but with dogs, i thought they could not handle veggies?