New to raw, I'd love some perspective.

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I started Gimli on raw in August, and was really excited. He had a few soft poops, and then he got on board with chicken and we were seeing small, firm stools, and the outlook was good. After three weeks, I decided to try to add a small amount of turkey.

He's always had a really sensitive tummy toward even kibble in the few months that I've had him (no parasites, but I might ask for another fecal test anyway). I probably did waaaay too much turkey for the first taste of a new raw protein - maybe 4 ounces of meat integrated with his normal meal. He had a squirty butt for a week and I moved him back to just chicken, but in the three weeks since we've had to move ever so slowly. It's almost like I had to start him on raw all over again. His poo is still kinda large, smelly, and squishy, but definitely improving.

He eats once a day. I haven't been weighing his food, but he weighs 50 lbs so I was shooting for a pound a day and he has bulked up some in his shoulders. With his sensitive stomach, bone content has been pretty high. He's only getting chicken since the stomach problems. I dehydrate and chop up livers and gizzards as treats. I'm giving him a daily probiotic to try and help him out.

I'm worried about feeding him exclusively chicken for too long, and I also feel bad that he's had weeks of slowly recovering from that one stomach upset. Is this normal? Does his digestive system just need to take a break? Are some dogs just really sensitive to dietary changes on raw?

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Maybe a pound of food a day is just too much. My dog also weighs fifty pounds and while I don't measure out anything I'm pretty sure he's getting nothing close to a pound a day. When you overfeed, the poop is certainly gonna look awful.

Try cutting back. When my dog eats chicken, one leg quarter is it for the day. How many chicken pieces are you giving him?

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Could the turkey be enhanced? It should have less than 100 mg. sodium per 4 oz. serving.


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If a dog's gut gets all out of whack then you do go back to chicken only, it is fine. Drop the livers and gizzards for now and skin the bony stuff so it is lower fat. Once poop is back on track leave a little skin on and increase as he gets better. This may only take 3-4 days as when you stop pushing the gut's capacity it can get back on track very rapidly. Go to the next protein once skin on chicken is fine and now you know to increase tiny amounts at a time. Introduce liver last after all the proteins you are going to be able to feed regularly are fine for about half a day's meal. Max was eating half chicken and half pork or beef before I started liver for instance.

Agree about the size of the meals, you could try less. Or you could try feeding twice a day, that helps the gut out quite a bit.

Agree about enhanced meat. Turkey was the very first meat to get enhanced - Butterball turkey has been around forever. It can be difficult to find natural turkey! I have seen enhanced chicken, turkey, pork and beef so watch out!

Max went through the addition of new proteins and organs quickly. I introduced each new thing separately and over the period of a week keeping the meals extremely uniform with bone and liver/other organ daily. The reason I did that was storage space [I needed to pack up daily baggies to use less room in the freezer] but it sure helped his gut adjust easily to raw. After 6 months I dared alternate liver and other organ and after about 18 months I dared alternating bony meal and boneless meal days.

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Thanks. His meals have been fairly small, nothing larger than chicken quarters a day. I was wondering about feeding him twice a day to see if that helps, and I think I might give it a try. I've also been cutting off fat to help him adjust, so we're doing well there. I guess he just needs a little more time is all!

I didn't even think to check if the turkey was enhanced. I carefully check all the chicken, I should have known anything could be enhanced. red face We'll keep taking it slow until his gut is up to 100%.