Two things: 1 - Allergies; 2 - Fish Oil

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Bella &- Cougar

Barked: Tue Oct 2, '12 12:37pm PST 
I've written before about the possibility of one of my dogs having an allergy issue. However, that has since been resolved and wasn't the case. Now, I have concerns with my other dog.

Since beginning raw two and a half months ago, I've noticed red bumps that looked almost pimple like on my dog's belly. It turns out she had fleas! Embarrassing, but it was the case none the less. This was about a month and a half ago. Since then, she still has small scabs on her belly and other places. I've also noticed very dry skin, which she has always had, but never the bumps. There are still some red bumps, but also still scabs. Could this be a food allergy? She has always eaten beef and chicken fine. In the past with kibble I've never noticed any type of reaction. The only new thing she has had is pork. I fed raw for a very short time last year and she didn't have pork. Is is possible to have an allergy to something she really hasn't had much of? There may be no correlation, but I'm just wanting some thoughts. Her poops are fine and she doesn't do any excess scratching or licking except on her belly. No ear problems, either, that I'm aware of. Before taking her to my vet, who will no doubt blame this on raw, I'd like to hear from you guys out there!

In regard to fish oil, I'm planning to start giving this to both dogs and to see if there is a change in the skin of the dog with the current issues. She is 18 lbs and the other is 54 lbs. How much should I give? Does it need to be out of the capsule or can they have the actual capsule?