Pre-made and Too Much Protein for Small Dog???

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Barked: Wed Sep 19, '12 10:17pm PST 
Excuse me in advance for asking multiple, sporadic questions in one post. big grin

My 6lb 8 month old little guy is currently on Primal. According to their feeding guide he should be eating a bit more than 2 nuggets a day, within 2 meals. Which seems like such a small amount, not to mention he seems thinner than before. He's so small he can't afford to lose any weight. I'm feeding him 3 nuggets a day, which he devours within 10 seconds, and frantically runs around like he's starved. Adding a 4th would be the amount required for a 10lb dog.

Is it alright to feed much more than the guidline? And if so, would that be too much protein for a small dog? If there is such a thing. The owner of the holistic store I frequent also has a minpin and is very adamant about reminding me of how small dogs were 'man's creation so their tiny organs aren't designed to handle so much protein' yada yada. Somehow that makes sense. thinking

How about additional foods to mix with primal to bulk up his meals and convince me I'm not starving my pup. dancing Suggestions???

Bit of background - I had Deebo on Orijen, which he got bored of. Switched to complete raw for 2 months, which he loved of course but became super inconvenient to prepare. So I put him on ziwi-peak. He gained weight quickly which I liked, but again, I could only feed him a little of it so I began mixing that with Sojos (recommended by the holistic store owner). Outcome: too many veggies and a yard full of them. Clearly not very digestible.

So here we are back to raw. I still don't have the time to prepare so I'm sticking with pre-made for a while. I'm open to other companies but now I have a fear of "too much" protein with higher/more meat content. confused

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Not sure about the protein, but I know that when I was feeding Daisy the Nature's Variety medallions I had to give her a bit more. In my mind, feeding guides are just that, guides, and if your dog needs more you should feed more. I base amount of food off of how the dog looks and physically feels when I pick her up, not what the bag suggests. Best of luck!

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^+1 Feed your pup how much food he needs to maintain good body condition. He could be losing carb pudge though as an active pup he probably does need more food at the moment. I don't care to evaluating dogs by their weight, I prefer a hands on approach. I want to be able to easily feel all the bony bits, see the shadow of the last couple of ribs when the dog is moving but do not care to feel a dip between the hip bones although that is fine for some dogs. Right now I probably would be changing the amount fed at least weekly, maybe even more often but it would be in miniscule amounts, not whole nuggets.

The protein thing is false. Tiny dogs' tiny organs are in perfect proportion to their bodies and work just fine. You are feeding just about the same amount of protein on raw as you did when you were feeding Orijen too. The carbs in the kibble are mostly replaced by fat in raw food. Primal doesn't have carbs, does it?

What if you slow down his eating by stuffing the Primal into a kong? Maybe he would be more satisfied if a meal took longer than .5 seconds to eat?


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Thank you two for great input! I feel more comfortable now about feeding more. I also wasn't taking into account his age and how active he is. Silly me.

It's funny how relaxed I was about handing him a chicken leg, yet worry about these pre-made amounts. shrug

I will definitely try the kong method. I used to use it with Orijen, so why not now.