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What type of pork bones are ok for a 95lb GSD? He is not a gulper..chews his food/chicken bones real good. We are switching him from chicken/turkey to pork..it is hard to give him chicken(thighs,wings,quarters) or even turkey necks because after being on chicken/turkey (necks)he now snubs these foods and only wants pork. Yes he is like a stubborn child. We have some pork ribs-hopefully this with boneless pork chops will be ok. Any suggestions on pork bones????

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If you can find UNCUT pork necks those are pretty good, keeps my bigger dog occupied for a good while. However I really recommend uncut, big hunks -- often when you find them at the grocery store they've been hacked into little tiny chunks with jagged edges, which I don't really recommend.

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Hula is a 35 lb pit-boxer mix and she has no problem chomping through pork ribs and the bone in a boston butt roast. She also eats pigs feet. I use pork bones as her boney meals since she and chicken don't get along.

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ty Kolbe and Hula smile

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Ribs and feet are favorites here. Like Kolbe said, many of the bones in grocery store pork have been cut at odd angles, so I usually remove and throw away those bones.

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Any pork bone is fine if it isn't sawn into odd sharp bits. I cut out and discard bones from pork chops but one time I found whole pork loin and cut into chops between the bones myself, those were great for Max, a few left together would be great for a larger dog.

One of the cheapest cuts of pork is the shoulder. It is split into the butt which has part of the shoulder blade and the picnic which has the lower part of the leg. I prefer the picnic, tends to be less fatty although it is easy to cut off excessive fat as it is on the outside of the meat. For Max I cut about half the meat off and give him one of the bones I cut apart at the joint but for a big dog the whole thing makes for a very nice big meal.

Remember this diet is all about meat, not bone. Bone is only 10% of the diet.

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Egypt, my 60 pound GSD, has no problem devouring pork rib or shoulder bone.