A dog that will not eat any meat, or dog food for that fact

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I have never seen such a dog until I met my sisters dog. My sister is fit to be tied. William won't eat meat, raw or cooked. He won't touch any kind of dog food either. Fruits, veggies, pasta, cooked eggs, rice and bread, he will gobble down. From puppy on. He will be 3 years old soon. William is Coon Hound and Beagle mix. Have anyone else ever experienced this?


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Sure. He's spoiled. Your sister needs to stop the coddling and pick a food (either raw or a kibble) and give that to him ONLY. Set it down for 20 minutes. If he doesn't eat it fine. No theatrics. No begging. No hand feeding, etc. Just put it away until next time. NO treats or snacks. Next time it is time to eat, offer the food. Repeat. HE WILL EAT. And he will learn to eat what is given to him. A healthy dog will not starve itself. He may hold out for a day. Or two. Or three. But he WILL eventually eat.

Beagles are notorious for being greedy and food obsessed. It won't be long before he is eating kibble or raw, whatever she wants to feed him. As soon as she stops the extras. She is certainly not doing him any favors by feeding pasta, fruits and veggies. etc.

He will eat. She just needs to be firm and consistent.
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Sounds like a carb/sugar addict.

Or he has a serious medical condition that protein is aggravating, he's connected that he feels poorly when he eats protein and now refuses it. Such conditions are rare but they do exist. If I had a dog that refused all meat, I would either run some tests or keep a very close eye on him when I did start giving him meat, just to be safe.

Since it's most likely finickiness and a love of carbs, I would follow the PP's advice. Pick a meat-inclusive diet, and stick to it. He'll eat. It is possible for dogs to live vegetarian, but it's very difficult to balance and far from ideal.

I would not start with raw, since the smell and texture are a bit of a turn-off even for some dogs who DO love meat. Raw can take some getting used to. There's no reason she can't continue to feed a varied diet or cook for him, though, so long as anything he doesn't eat is saved in the fridge and re-offered next meal.

How about eggs? It's not meat per say, but it is protein. May work as a starting point. Or fish? Mash a can of sardines into his meal. Many dogs are turned off by fish, but then again, many dogs will do anything for meat.

Or feed everything ground up together. That's how I got Vance to eat the veggies he needed for his liver problems. I bought the meat ground, pureed all the veggies myself and made a 50/50 mix. He preferred only meat, but he ate it.