Dehydrating raw dog food

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Hey there-
I'm new to this forum as well as to raw feeding. My crew of two dogs & two cats got switched over about a month ago and have been doing better than great ever since.

I'm an avid backpacker, especially in the summer, and I dehydrate all my own food to take on the trail. My pups always come with me and they also carry their own food, water, and gear. I don't really want to revert back to kibble on the trail if I can avoid it, so I was contemplating dehydrating a variety of raw meats & organs to take with us. I have a pretty nice dehydrater with a thermostat so I can dry the meat on a low temp setting to preserve nutrients. I figured I could add human food-grade bonemeal to the meat to make up for the lack of real bone. I would rehydrate it before feeding.

Has anyone done anything similar or have alternative solutions for feeding raw pups on the trail? I welcome all and any thoughts on this matter.


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You might look into 'pemmican' recipes with just bone meal, rendered fat and dried meat made into a powder. Organs would be super easy to add in too. I would try this out before a trip though. Max gets weird with cooked stuff these days, cooked fat could be a disaster. From the way Sassy turned into a walking skeleton on 1.5x her usual + pot washing duty on a 3 day trip I sure wouldn't want to just feed dried lean meat.

Something like Ziwi Peak would be easier but likely more expensive to use.