Lamb shanks, good or bad?

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Little Massie
Barked: Tue May 3, '11 3:49pm PST 
I am very new to the raw diet and have been feeding my dogs raw for about 2 weeks now. I have done hours upon hours, days upon days of research and there is so much conflicting information regarding what you can and shouldn't feed them. I have found a local distributor who provides me with raw chicken and bone, ground as well as tripe which is also ground and organ. Because all of this food have been grounded up my dogs (large breeds) gulp it up in seconds. I would like to add variety and provide them meaty bones which take a long time for them to gnaw at and chew, to give them a work out. I bought whole chicken, cut it up into 4 peices and gave to my dogs. They gulp it down, hardly any chewing. I then bought lamb shanks with a good meat to bone ratio. They crunch right through the bone which is my concern. This bone is very different from that of a chicken. I took the lamb shank away and picked up the peices of bone they broke, they were hard and pointy and sharp. I heard any raw bone is okay for dogs to eat provided they are not weight bearing. Am I just being paranoid or should I have let them finish their meal?
Many thanks, I am so confused when it comes to bones,I just want to make sure my dogs will be okay.

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Barked: Tue May 3, '11 6:39pm PST 
They should be able to crunch through the bone, that's a good thing smile. As far as I know, lamb shanks are safe RMBs to feed. You don't want to feed a bone that your dog cannot easily crunch through unless you know your dog well enough that he will gnaw with ease and/or allow you to remove the bone without a problem. Example, I cannot give Charlie bones that would need removal because 1. He is an heavy chewer and 2. He is food aggressive.

The bone shards are normal and are very unlikely to harm your pup. When your dog shatters a bone in it's mouth, it's likely to crack into sharp pieces. However, proper RMBs are encased in muscle, so it cushioned the bone shards on the way down. Raw bones become a rubbery consistency in stomach acid, and are easily digested despite their shape. Cooked bones do not change consistency in the stomach, so they pose a real problem for the digestive tract.

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Barked: Tue May 3, '11 6:41pm PST 
I am going to keep future dogs on chicken for bone until I can feed really big meals to avoid stuff like that. Max just ate meat off beef ribs until he started raw then thought he was supposed to eat it all. I took them off the menu until he was eating big meals and used some sense on what he should be crunching up.

Teeth probably will get cleaner even on 90 seconds and gone chicken only meals.

Go slow, stick with the program. Once poop is good on chicken move to the next protein until all the usuals have been fed then introduce organ.

Then start mixing it up and feeding bigger/smaller meals, more or less bone/organ per day. Max and I were working on this in 6 months or so.