What can you get from Asian markets?

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Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Barked: Sun Apr 24, '11 6:56pm PST 

I may be going to an Asian market soon to pick up some raw meat for the dogs. I've been wondering, what do you guys get from Asian markets? Is the meat there expensive? What are the best meats to get at an Asian market?

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Sun Apr 24, '11 7:22pm PST 
It all depends-

All of the Asian markets here had pretty high prices for most things- at least as much as what I would pay for a similar product at a regular grocery store. Certainly more than $2 per lb, which is usually my cutoff.

However, there is a much larger variety of meats to choose from. I know at the ones I've been to, you can get duck, whole quail, any number of fish and other fresh seafoods, rabbit, as well as things like pork/beef intestine/organs.

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I'm king of the- world!
Barked: Sun Apr 24, '11 7:59pm PST 
Oooh...I love the Asian markets! Around here they are a ton cheaper than regular grocery stores. There are a number of them around me that sell:

Chicken feet
Whole duck w/head and feet
Goat meat/liver
Pork liver/kidney
Bull testicles
Whole sardines
Halved pig heads
Pork heart
Beef riblets
Beef tendon

I'm sure there is other stuff that I've forgotten! These are all items that are under the $2/lb mark...I don't spend any higher than that. The stores have different stuff depending on the ethnicity--eg., Chinese vs. Laotian, so I tend to hit them all because the variety is different from store to store.


Giving my paw- can get me- anything!
Barked: Sun Apr 24, '11 9:08pm PST 
I only buy organs and "extras" from my asian market. I get pork spleen, kidney, heart and liver. They also sell duck feet and gizzards. I've never looked through their actual meats because my dogs are sensitive to change but they usually have a good selection.

So.. I CAN chew- on that?
Barked: Sun Apr 24, '11 9:27pm PST 
Funny that this post came up. Today I went into one, and found chicken (the left overs - But perfect cuts for the dog) for $1.00 each bag, and $7.00 for a box. The box was HUGE and Loki's got food for over a month now. Seriously. I couldn't believe the price. I was spending $20/week on chicken and thighs and what not.

I'm just not looking forward to moving on to other meats, LOL.

So I guess it depends on the place, but seriously - Shop around, and you'll find awesome deals. I always wondered where others found such good deals and large quantities.

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I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Sun Apr 24, '11 10:01pm PST 
Score! Good job Loki.

My local Asian market just has a great selection of whole fish. The tendons are cut short, chicken feet/liver/ribs/etc cheaper at Value+ just up the street. And no fabulous organ selection, boo.

Even if your Asian market has great variety don't go crazy buying everything you see, stick to your budget. It hurts less if the dogs don't like something if you didn't pay much for it. Fish and rabbit are often eh to dogs and can be costly.
Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Sun Apr 24, '11 11:49pm PST 
I got a pack of duck heads at one of the big Asian groceries in my city. They have a southeast Asian clientele mostly, (Vietnamese, Cambodian, etc) so there's lots of heads, feet, organs, etc. I noticed the Japanese and Korean markets don't have as much meat variety. Lovely fish section too. Really great prices on EVERYTHING at Fubonn (the SE Asian place) not just weird bits like heads and guts, but normal meat and fish and veggies too.
they have:
heart (chicken, duck, pork, and beef)
kidneys (pork and beef)
snouts (pork and beef)
feet (all kinds)
heads (chicken and duck)
liver (all kinds)
ears (pork, fresh, not dried)
tripe (beef)
intestines (pork)
meaty stew bones (pork and beef)

I would say ALL of this was under 2$ per pound, and many under 1$, like the duck heads. Good prices on chicken quarters too, though they were kinda puny-looking compared to normal American-type ones. Whole stewing hens really cheap too, but very boney. Whole geese and ducks at reasonable prices. Decent prices on ground pork and beef and stewing meat (boneless or bone-in.)

Member Since
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 4:32am PST 
From what I've seen, Asian markets can provide inexpensive and unusual cuts of meat. But none of it is organic and they come from factory farmed animals. The factory farming and slaughtering industry is terribly cruel. I urge you to find the best possible organic meat provider and to do your best to insure that the slauhgter house the animals took their last breath at, was at least decent.

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Tiny boy, but he- has a huge- heart!
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 6:32am PST 
Wow Guest. That's a strong statement there.

Of course organic, grass fed animals are best but not everyone can afford that for their own family, let alone the dogs!

Even the worst raised factory farmed meats are better than the alternative (kibble).

And just WHAT do you think is IN kibble?!
Holly - CGC TDI

Squirrel?- Squrirrel!- SQUIRRELLLLL!!!!
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 1:38pm PST 
Brody is right, although I'm sure many of us would love to feed grass fed organic meat, it is really expensive. I wish I had enough money to get only that quality of food for the dogs, but I don't. What the dogs eat now is far better than what they would be eating if they had kibble.

As for Asian markets, they have got to be some of the best, most fun places to go meat shopping. The variety is AMAZING! I get pig feet, heart, kidney, spleen, liver, tendons, beef hooves, fish heads, tongues, pig tails, whole ducks, the list could go on and on. It is SO much fun! Good luck with the shopping trip, tell us what you find!
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