Suppliers in Colorado (Denver)

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Hi I am new here and I am looking for suppliers for feeding RAW in the Denver Metro Area.Does anyone know of any good ones? I don't feed raw yet but am researching it and doing my homework. big grin

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Hi neighbor! I'm just west of you in Utah! We found a co-op through the Yahoo! Raw Feeding group - I'm sure Denver's got plenty of raw feeders who can help you out.

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Thanks! I am hoping to find one or two. I have come across one that I am checking out. smile

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Hi! I'm a bit South of Berthoud and am thinking of starting up raising some meat rabbits for myself and my dogs. I'm just curious if I get it going (it would take at least 3-4 months for the first batch of meat rabbits to be ready) if there would be any interest in anyone else wanting rabbit. I'm also curious if you would share what supplier you saw as a potential last post, they seem to be pretty hard to find. Thanks!

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Could you give me the name of the Co-ops you found in the Denver Metro area? I am trying to find a couple

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Here are two co-ops I know of (both yahoogroups):

CORF@yahoogroups. com - website: http://www.carnivorelife.com/