Chicken Gizzards and Hearts

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Barked: Tue Nov 9, '10 8:08am PST 
Hi wave

I bought a bunch of chicken gizzards and hearts on sale, how often do you feed these?

I know most of you have bigger dogs, so because Rufio is so small, a whole heart would probably give him cannon butt right? Should I start with just a tiny piece of each, each day? Can a small dog handle a whole chicken heart eventually?

I noticed that in the premade raw (which he gets for breakfast, it has beef heart already, so would that make his system more used to it? hmmmm


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I wouldn't be Too worried about the gizzards as long as you make it of a size so that it's not the majority of the meat in the first meal, but chicken heart is a little more rich than that. Kody was getting some small, gizzard-only meals by a month into raw on days that he only had a few ounces left for the day by the evening meal. I thought I'd fed Kody heart before, but I guess the 1st few packs of hearts & gizzards I got didn't even have hearts, which is why I thought I was having trouble telling them apart laugh out loud The pack I got just last week did have a few hearts and they seem ridiculously small looking and obviously different than gizzards (compared to the size of the giant tough old roaster bird breast/ribs I've been buying), so I'll let someone else comment as to whether you should start with only a fraction of one. Kody will get some later this week and I'll probably just throw in a few, since a morning meal for him is usually ~13oz I'm not worried about the hearts causing an issue the first time fed. I just found a source of Bags full of just chicken hearts for under 70cents a pound, so I'm so excited! I spose I feed gizzards a few times a week - if I'm a couple ounces short on a meal, they're quick to thaw under running water and toss in, and a little more vit/min rich than your average chicken muscle meat. I'll probably do the same with hearts when I can get them. Good luck with your new protein find smile

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Zoey is 4# I usually give her 1 gizzard or heart, I did work up to the hearts, I have to cut up both of them for her, however my 4# min pin eats them whole without problems (Zoey is more finicky)


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Just slowly work up to it. I would think the gizzards wouldn't cause a problem at all. The hearts might, so just go slow. Brody can have half a turkey heart as a meal and do fine with it.

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Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 7:33am PST 
Do you guys cut the heart and gizzards up or give it whole? They are really small in size thinking And I know heart has great benefits like Taurine which is good for the heart, but what benefit does Gizzard have? Not many answers to that on google confused

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Check one of the food data bases. Gizzards are almost as good as heart for iron and zinc. Nice and chewy so probably have a lot of glucosamine in them like trachea and gullet do in beef. 31,000 hits for gizzard taurine and on the first page loads of cat references. way to go for me.