water intake for raw fed dogs

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Ha Ha, you can't- catch me!!!!
Barked: Tue Sep 21, '10 6:30pm PST 
I don't know if I should be concerned but I really don't think boys drink very much water.
I change their water twice a day and I swear I am dumping out a full bowl everytime I change it. The only time I see them drink is after running around outside for a little bit
Is this normal for raw doggies?

Farlekiin the- Dragonborn
Barked: Tue Sep 21, '10 6:38pm PST 
On kibble Farley drank a TON of water. Since being on raw, I rarely catch him at his water bowl. I only really notice him drinking more when it's hot out or after a lot of exercise.
Raw meat is 80% moisture. Kibble is around 10-15%. So don't be concerned if your pups are drinking less on raw. It's normal. wave
Pippin-CGC-R- IP Sweet Boy

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Barked: Tue Sep 21, '10 6:44pm PST 
My raw fed dogs don't drink much either.smile


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Barked: Tue Sep 21, '10 7:29pm PST 
Sen hardly drinks unless it's hot out or she's been running around. Had me worried for a while, but her urine is just about clear with hardly any smell to it, and her skin doesn't feel dehydrated, and gums feel fine.

I wouldn't worry too much. As long as your pups aren't showing signs of dehydration you're ok!
Paris-- CGC &- Therapy Dog

Missy Wiggle- Butt
Barked: Tue Sep 21, '10 10:06pm PST 
I'm going to agree with the other pups in that my dogs hardly drink any water. After walks or playing fetch they will drink more but other then that they will just go take a couple quick laps. It blows my mind when I am at houses where their kibble fed dogs will drink half a bowl in one sitting. My water bowl holds 4 cups of water (32oz) and unless its really hot or they get lots of exercise my dogs almost never drink more then half of that in a day. I have a 80lb German Shepherd, 14lb Cavalier & 4lb Chihuahua.
Ginger- Mystic and- Pixie

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Barked: Wed Sep 22, '10 3:38am PST 
Yep like the others mine don't drink as much as they did when fed kibble. After a run, or play. The biggest time I see them drink is when hubby gets home from work, and puts his cooler down, which has some ice and water from the day as he takes sodas to work. All three stand there watching him take the cans out to crush. Ginger will take out a few ice cubes and drop them for Pixie. Pixie so loves ice.

Ha Ha, you can't- catch me!!!!
Barked: Wed Sep 22, '10 5:29am PST 
Shew ok. I was starting to wonder what was going on. It is shocking that we go from having to fill the bowl 3-4 times a day to not really needing fill more than maybe once a day (obviously i do anyways to keep it fresh).

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Barked: Wed Sep 22, '10 5:42am PST 
I switched my boxer to raw diet many years ago and his water consumption dropped dramatically. My new dog Saphira was kibble fed and when I switched her to raw the same thing happened. As others have stated, the dogs only seem to drink when it's really hot and/or they are playing outside.

I suspect that the hard kibble actually needs a lot of water to assist with softening and aid digestion.

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Barked: Wed Sep 22, '10 5:56am PST 
Butters' water dish holds about a liter of water. I tested him one time to see how long it would take him to drink it all as he doesn't drink much either since being on raw. It took him 2 weeks to finish it off.

A lesson in- unconditionnal- love
Barked: Wed Sep 22, '10 6:17am PST 
When I switched Laila to Raw it was so drastic, the difference.

Being on Orijen before (high protein, makes them really thirsty), she drank so much water. with Raw, some days she hardly drank, not at all it seemed, some days. (then came summer, so that changed. but I had originally started Raw in the chilly springtime).
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